A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 9

Hi all! :) Am excited to share this next chapter with you. What a fun chapter it’s been to write – few surprises in there for me too! Also, just a heads up, I’m not going to be able to put any new chapters up until the new year, however, I’ll be writing as much as I can and will share them with you in the New Year.

Enjoy! Let me know how you like it. :) Happy Christmas if you celebrate, and a New year in advance to all!

A Million Smiles for June: Chapter 8

  1. Going Places

June woke up with a sound of a car tyre popping somewhere down the street. It was dark outside and she turned to the clock on her side table. Four thirty in the morning. Until that moment, she’d been very calm, and suddenly she could no longer just roll back and go back to sleep. Her nerves were edgy. She could hear her own deep breathing. She didn’t need to be awake for another two hours, but she couldn’t do it. she tossed around for another fifteen minutes before flinging the covers away and slipping into the warm fluffy robe.

She crept downstairs after splashing her face with ice cold water and quickly brushing her teeth. As she passed halfway down the stairs, she noticed the door to the study slightly ajar and light pouring out into the long slender corridor towards the kitchen.

June approached the study and pushed the door with a finger very lightly. “Chad?” Chad held up a finger into the air. His head was down, and he scribbled on a journal as fast as he could. When he finished the sentence he was writing, he looked up. “What time is it?”

“Almost five.”

“Why are you up?” his brows creased in disapproval.

June’s brows rose. “Why are you up? Did you even go to bed last night?”

Chad shook his head, putting the pen down on the page and closing the book up. “I was writing.”

“All night?”

He shrugged, pushing back his chair and stretching. “I do that when I’m in the mood.”

June nodded. “Is that how you wrote all those books?”

Chad laughed. “Maybe.” He approached her and watched her step aside from the doorway. “Why are you up though? It’s only five in the morning.”

“Some stupid car popped its tyre.”

“Nervous?” she nodded. “Don’t be. They are all morons and they are new to this. You’ll be right.”

“Don’t say that! I hate that saying. You’ll be right?!” she grimaced. “What does that even mean? Dad used to say it all the time, and nothing’s ever been right.”

Chad stood there a little shocked. What the hell had he really said to rile her up? He kind of wanted to laugh, but thought better of it. “I didn’t mean anything by it,” he said, sounding rather baffled. “All I meant is that you’ll be fine, because you know what you’re getting into more than the first years.”

June stared. “I don’t’ think I can do this!”

“Yes, you can.”

“I haven’t been to Uni in almost a year, Chad. All my friends are a year ahead of me now, and I can’t avoid them.”

“Then don’t avoid them.”

“And if they ask what happened?” she scowled. “What do I say then?”

“The truth.” Chad poured coffee into the largest cup he could find. When he turned back, she was just standing there unresponsive. “Whatever the truth is.”

“I don’t want to tell them the truth,” she shook her head. “I don’t want to tell anyone what happened, or what I’ve done, where I’ve been, or where I lived the last year of my life!” she suddenly screamed. “I don’t want to!”

“Then lie!” Chad suggested, unsympathetic. As much as he wanted to console her and tell her things will be fine, he didn’t want to. Why should he? Why should she be the only one who gets to be told that life will work out one day? Who was there to tell him that?

He took a sip of his coffee, walking back to his study. “Just lie.” He swung the door almost and sat back down at his desk.

What had gotten into him suddenly? He massaged his temples and re-read the text on his phone again.

[Setal: I miss you! Can we try again? Maybe I just wasn’t ready for marriage, you know. Can I swing by…bring you your favourite breakkie?]

Chad read the words again and again, continuing to massage his temples. He could feel a headache starting somewhere deep and couldn’t focus on clarity of thought. He could hear June quietly rattling around in the cupboard for a cup and couldn’t think of anything but the need to apologise for his rashness.

He rose to his feet and marched out, only to catch her sneakily wiping at the corners of her eyes. He watched her a moment from the doorway and could feel an uneasiness settle in him somewhere. He cleared his throat to get her attention. “I’m sorry. I just…sometimes, I’m not very good at this whole social, say the right thing.”

June shook her head, her voice cracked from the emotions. “It’s not your fault.”

“Still, I shouldn’t have been as blunt.”

June nodded, stirring her coffee distractedly.

“Do you want me to drop you off this morning?”

She shook her head.

“I’m not doing anything else,” he continued.

“You’ve already done plenty for me, Chad.” She was blunt too.

Chad nodded, disappearing back into his cave. So much for apologises. He’d completely missed that train. He grabbed his cell phone from his desk and typed a message finally.

[Come after 9.]

He stared at it a moment before sending it off. He had no idea what he was doing. Setal had walked out of his life almost two months ago without a care. Now suddenly, she wanted to come back? The anticipation, he could feel it settling on him like cement.

When he re-emerged from his study, the house was unusually quiet. He looked at the time and it was almost seven. “June?” he called out, heading upstairs with the assumption she might be in her room. The door was slightly closed. He walked over and knocked. There was no response. Either that, or she was quiet, annoyed at him, he thought.

“Look, June… I don’t know what has happened in your life, or what you’ve had to go through, but, I do know you’ve been through a lot and somehow that makes you seem much stronger than most.”

He paused, waiting for her to tell him to go away. At least that’s what he was expecting. “It’s your first day back to Uni and I don’t want you to start thinking it’s not for you, you know?! You were studying medicine for goodness sake! Do not throw that away.”

Chad waited a few seconds again. June was still too quiet for his liking. He finally pushed the door open and found the room June-less. He eyed his watch. Just after seven. Way too early for her to leave already. He brought out his phone and typed a fresh message.

[Where’d you go already? Look, I’m sorry if I spoke out of line this morning. Please let me know at least when you leave home. I was talking to your door like a loony for ten minutes before I realised you were gone. Just a concerned neighbour upstairs. Chad]

Then it suddenly dawned on him that June didn’t yet have a phone. He saved the message anyway and stared about the room. It was the first time he’d gone into that room since June had moved in. It was bare, but at least it had some homely touches. The bed was made, her clothes were in a neat pile on top of the little foot storage. She’d placed a small photo frame on the night stand.

Chad moved in closer to take a look and discovered a photo of June, her arms wrapped around the necks of two adults, a male and female. Chad couldn’t help but smile. “Hello Mum and Dad!” he whispered, his eyes roving back to June when she was a young platinum blonde with beautifully long hair and an infectious smiles that reached her dazzling brown eyes.

It was perhaps the happiest he’d seen her and wondered what had stolen her smile away. He noticed in the background of the photo a bike, and suddenly could no longer stare at the photo. Uneasily, he walked out the room. Did June ride bikes? “No, it can’t be”, he muttered. It can’t be. Chad hated bikes. He hated the look of them, hated the sound they made, and most of all, he hated the fact that the rider was completely unprotected.

He shook his head, muttering beneath his breath, unable to shake the memory, unable to drown out the noise, the screams. He placed the photo back and walked out of the room and straight into his own. He went straight for the shoebox beneath his bed where he kept his meds. He popped two sleeping pills and downed them with the water in the bottle on his nightstand. He then threw himself under the covers, pressing his palms into his temples and burying his face.

No bikes! He kept muttering, as if a way to keep the memories and his headache at bay.

It wasn’t till around 4 when he woke up to the ringing of doorbells. Groggily, he walked down and opened the door. There stood Setal, splendid, beautiful and with a knowing smirk on her face.

He was sure he was staring at her, but he couldn’t help himself. After all, she was the last person he was expecting to be knocking on his door. “What are you doing here?”

Setal pushed past him without being invited in. It made Chad even more curious, though he did feel a hint of anger too.

“You do realise you don’t live here anymore?” he said flat out, leaving the front door still open. There could be a chance she was leaving, right?

“You invited me this morning, remember?” she turned, grabbing the door and closing it. “Besides, Jo said she hasn’t heard from you in a while.”

“Well, I’ve been busy.”

Setal narrowed her dark eyes at him. She was a small petite woman, thought Chad, a woman with devilishly good length of dark wavy hair, and eyebrows that arched like a gymnast’s back. “Doing what?” she asked, raising those very eyebrows at him.

“I work, Setal, what else?”

She huffed, peering around the place. “You haven’t even bought a TV yet?”

“I have enough drama in my life right now thanks to you,” he almost gritted his teeth. He’d never really told her how much she’d broken his heart that day. How could she know? She hadn’t even had the courtesy to finish the meal with him.

“I’ll see you back at the house,” she’d said, pushing back her chair, grabbing her bag and leaving Chad to face the restaurant full of people, still down on his knees.

Setal stared at him, and suddenly he felt tied to her again. The tie that had made him propose to her in the first place. He tried shoving those feelings back as if they were play-dough oozing out of an ill-fitting box.

“What brings you anyway?”

Setal pouted, her hand on her hip as she calculatedly stalled Chad. “I…” she cleared her throat. Chad just felt a desperate need to lunge at her, or wrap himself around her, which, he wasn’t yet decided on. He hadn’t really realised what a little mess he’d become till that very moment. So unlike all the rugged, handsome and emotionally stable counterparts he usually penned.

He could feel an odd knotting of his throat. He was so close to crying. Oh God! Make it stop! He thought as his vision blurred with a layer of tears. He turned away immediately and strode off to the kitchen, reaching for the coffee machine for desperate want of distraction. He was a grown man for goodness sake.

“Pull it together!” He scolded himself as he heard Setal’s heels clicking into the room behind him.

“You said something?” she cooed.

Why was she doing that? Playing standoffish then cooing at him the next minute, not to mention she’d broken up with him all over a diamond ring. Which woman refuses diamond? He thought angrily.

“No. Want coffee?” He knew she’d never say no to coffee. It was like asking the hungry if they wanted food. Setal was a coffee addict since he’d known her. In fact, that’s how they’d first met, at the café where Chad spent his morning normally. She’d accidentally taken his coffee only to bring it back to Tylor and telling him he’d gotten her very specific order completely and utterly wrong. She’d asked for non-fat soy, one shot, vanilla latte, with exactly one and three quarter spoon of sugar. She had not asked for a drip coffee with honey in it.

“Who drinks coffee with honey anyway?” she had sounded so disgusted.

“Me?!” Chad had chimed in at that moment, Tylor and him both smirking at each other. “That would be my coffee!”

She’d been very embarrassed, apologising to him profusely while still telling him coffee and honey were abominable. He’d kind of fallen in love with her somewhat that very moment.

“Chad?” Setal called out, breaking his memory diving.

“What?” he poured two cups of coffee and took one to her. “Why are you here?” he finally asked, very much with hurt and longing in his voice. “To see if I was still as pathetic as when you left me that night?”

“Oh God, you’re still not on about that, are you, honey?” she shook her head. “I’d never really made it a secret that I was marrying anyone other than an Indian, Chad. You knew that from the beginning.”

“Then what were you doing with me?” Ah, and those tears were threatening him again like a nasty punch. He wished he could punch them back just as fiercely.

She stared at him levelled and shrugged. “What young people do, date.”

He felt crushed. “Three years is not what young people do without intension for the long haul!” he spat, pushing away his coffee. He suddenly felt very, very sick, like he was going to throw up.

Setal took a step closer to him, dropping her handbag on the kitchen counter. “Chad?”

He shook his head. He couldn’t hold them back anymore, the tears.

“Chad,” she whispered, moving closer. He felt her smooth touch on his cheek. Her hand slowly turned him to face her. No! he was screaming in his head. He knew what was coming. Setal wasn’t here for him, not really.

He looked up, despite a desire to push her away as well as pull her into his arms. He found her staring at him with those eyes. Eyes he’d never been able to refuse. Before he knew it, she was kissing him, and the worst part was, he was kissing her back. His hands roamed over her like they’d done so many times. His mind swam. What the hell was going on? Was she here to ask him to take her back because she’d made a mistake?

Are you taking her back? His mind suddenly knocked over with the thought. “Setal…” he tried to break free for just a moment, just a tiny moment.

“Shh…” she pushed her against the cupboards. “Just, don’t talk!” He felt her hands removing the tie around his robe, her hand slipping around his hips, pulling his closer.

The last thought before his mind was rendered temporarily out-of-order was, Chad, she left you once. That thought however wasn’t strong enough to keep his feet planted to the ground. Setal was pulling him, navigating to his room upstairs.

If only his feet stopped following her demand! Damn you! He thought one last time before registering the sound of his bedroom door slamming behind them.

Open Letter to Supporters and Doubters

Dear readers,

My dear supporters, and the many doubter. This is my open letter to you and the world. I’m a woman from a minority background, and I have a dream to be a writer/director in a the global film industry. What do I do for my dream? I work on my stories, my novels and my scripts, and every waking moment is spend worrying and wondering when I can reach a stage where I don’t have to prove myself. I want to work, and I’m damned if I don’t work hard for what I want. Currently, I work almost full time, dedicated to my dream without a single dollar earned from it yet. I volunteer on projects just so I can have something to add to my portfolio. Every day is a struggle to prove that I have made the right choice. Imagine doing that every day of your life for almost a decade? Tiring right? Yes. But I’m not giving up. I’m going to keep fighting, keep going, because I too have something to share with the world.

Why am I suddenly writing this? Because, today, I am extremely saddened and angered at the whispering. Is that what things have come down to?

Most of you know I went and asked for help on a Crowdfunding site for my short film, ‘The Circle’. Without each and every dollar support for the project, I would still be sitting at my writing table, dreaming. Today, I am able to hold my head up high and say I have worked so very hard and so very long to get this ‘tiny’ movie for you but ‘big’ movie for me done and showcased at a premiere event I personally held. Those who helped me in my desperate hour are the ones today responsible for giving me my confidence back, and the drive back. No one can understand how much that has meant to me and I’m forever indebted to them.

Currently, I was successful at pitching a story which was liked and as we speak, that story is seeking help once again through a Crowdfunding campaign, because frankly speaking, the last project was a financial strain on me.

‘Dhago’ is a medium length short horror film based in Nepal, and for this I’m leaving everything behind and going to devote my hours, freely, to have this story made. Why? Because it’s another bullet point on my effort to prove myself again and again and again. ‘Dhago’ is also seeking funding, because let’s be honest, I’m broke, but not defeated. However I’m very sad to hear whispers about my intention and intention of the group behind the film.

So, let me share with you my experience on the making of ‘The Circle’ with you so I can shed some light on how Crowdfunding works. I don’t need to write this, but today, I feel it’s my story, and I should be the one to tell you how it was. You shouldn’t be hearing from others who weren’t there, who didn’t see how it was. You should hear it from me, and the team who helped me make it. Without the help and support of cast, crew and my financial supporters, the stories I write would have only been stories on paper and nothing more.

So here how the Crowdfunding campaign I ran for ‘The Circle’ was put to use. It raised $2600ish so the movie had a chance than looking like a home video.

Crowdfunding is basically where the public can give certain amounts to a project they like, so that collectively, the project can reach it’s rare targeted funding and have the money to PAY for hiring the actors, hiring the camera gear, hiring lighting gear, hiring the sound gear, renting the shooting location, pay for shooting permits, pay for shooting insurance so that any incident during shoot covers all cast and crew’s safety, pay for transport, buy props and costumes, buy food and drinks so the cast and crew can work with food in their bellies, it also pays for their time and effort because for cast and crew it’s their work. Imaging you work hours without pay, or hope of pay- that was the case on ‘The Circle’. All those who worked on ‘The Circle’ worked absolutely free and absolutely hard- without their generosity and time, I could not have managed with the meager $2500. And yes, it’s a meager sum when you consider the lowest funds for short films reach much higher than that. ‘The Circle’ plus its premiere, which I personally paid for and was held on the 30th November in Sydney, cost me approximately $5000. I only raised $2600 due to some pledges bouncing. The other $2400 have personally been my expenditure so that I could make a better movie. $5000 is not that much when you consider that on ‘The Circle’ lighting and camera gear alone cost $2000 to hire for the duration of the shoot. So please, when you are considering pleading for ‘Dhago’ or any other films or creative venture, do consider the effort that simply goes into producing a mere 7minute movie.

For those who supported ‘The Circle’, predominantly my family, friends , lovely cast and crew, and Nitesh Raj Pant. Without their support, I simply couldn’t even imagine having made the movie. For those of you who had supported me then, and those who are supporting me and the team behind ‘Dhago’ now, a four times longer movie than ‘The Circle’. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a chance to give my dream a go. To have achieved something I’m proud to say was supported by so many of my near and dear. And now, a special thank you to those who are supporting ‘Dhago’. Your support, each and every single one, gives us hope that this time again, we can give our everything to this project.

I now have been approached for two prospective job offers due to your generosity and belief in me, that I will put your contribution to the very thing you supported. Some of you who supported ‘The Circle’ Pozible campaign earlier this year were also able to see the film for yourself. I have nothing to hide but my pride at the teams hard work.

However, I am indebted to each of you who have stood behind me. You have given me enough confidence in my self and my ability to do the stories I take on as a writer/director justice. This industry is not easy to get into, especially for a woman from a minority background. You truly do not know what your support has meant to me. You help me say, ‘I can do this. I maybe a woman in a male dominated industry, but I have a vision, and I can work twice as hard to prove that I can do this. That I have a whole community behind me.’ So once again, thank you for giving me a start no one else would give. And forgive me my efforts to shed some light in these uncertain waters where I’m still having to prove it seems. Alas, I wish you all a happy healthy progress in whatever you are attempting yourself.

Much love.




Crowdfunding new Film venture

As you know, I write scripts. And really, I write scripts that I would want to direct if I had the money (oh, that elusive thing!). Recently, a trip had come up for some work related stuff and I thought why not, if I have time, make a movie in my spare time. Yeah, I know. It’s crazy. But. Yes, there is a but. I pitched the story, which was liked, and in turn the decision to ‘let’s make it’ happened.

That decision was almost two weeks ago! Lol. I work fast, if nothing else. Between the pitching of a story-yet-to-be-written, the script has gone through few drafts, and is currently locked till just before production! Yes, I’m making another Movie!!!!

This one is called ‘Dhago’, which means thread in Nepali (my mother tongue) and few other countries around that area. It’s also a horror film loosely based around a supernatural theme. Seems I have a ‘type’ thing happening currently, with few of my recent works, produced or under development, horror in nature.

It will be the first of its kind, a collaborative short film of Asutralian-Nepali making. Not many films can claim that. If you know any one interested in supporting indie filmmaking against mass produced movies, and especially very unique stories based on cultures not readily available in mainstream western world, then please share this post with them. As a team, we are seeking financial backing/support one pledge at a time. And we would love to buy you a piece of land on the moon if we could, but what are you gonna do with that anyway?! :)

Interested? Check out the pages below:



It’s an all or nothing situation, and the project could do with some support or word of mouth help in spreading the word.


Look at that poster! Just look at it. Ain’t she pretty? :D I’m a bit proud of myself for making that! Lol



I cannot lay still
too many moments slip by
I cannot lie still
too many eager hearts ply
I cannot forever be
too many years go by
I cannot abide life
too many memories here die.

Lonesome, I cry.
What of these foolish hearts with drive?


Lovely ‘June’

A Million Smiles for June my recent venture into novel writing is a quirky tale about a desperate best-selling author of romances, who has suddenly discovered he sucks at romancing, unable to convince his girlfriend to say yes to the question. He hasn’t only been dumped, but due to his little ego having been desiccated, he has also lost his writing mojo. He is so desperate to regain some normalcy in life that, for once, he isn’t the wound up lonesome who needs a bottle of wine to help him talk to his family, but a vibrant, and spontaneous man who is suddenly inspired by a homeless girl he has taken in.

Sounds interesting? Then head over to http://www.tablo.io/evacharya/a-million-smiles-for-june and read on from the humble beginning. You won’t be disappointed. And share some thoughts/feedback with me. That would be divine.


Sample the chapters months before book release!

Yes, that’s right. As far as my plans go, I’m no more than a handful of months away from releasing the novel, ‘Rule of Thirds’ to the wide world web bookstores.

So here’s your chance to read as much as half the book before the eventual release of the book in 2015. Yup, that’s right. You can read chapters upon chapters and truly get a window into the whole story.

So come along. Join me on Tablo, and read before the rest of the world get a chance. Click ‘Rule of Thirds‘ to read more.


For the love of an Audience

Hi there,
Been a while since my last post. Real life has been crazy compared to this virtual world. I’m in the middle of organizing a Sydney premiere for my short film ‘The Circle
‘ on top of working on two shorts, two features, and two novels.

I could do with some help, honestly. So, as desperate as I am at this pressing moment with a promise to self to publish my second novel by Jan/Feb 2015, I dare say, I’m a little stressed.

For this reason, I’ve been putting up some chapters of the book on Tablo to make it easier for people to read it. So, if you love reading books, and especially ones that are romantic fiction (minus the GREY’s feel), and would love to help a fellow out, could I please ask for you to float to the other site only a click away, and have a read? Oh, you would?! :) that would mean so much. Thank you!

To read the start of my next novel as I make final changes, please check it out: ‘Rule of Thirds

Thanks lovelies! You can comment on Tablo, or here on my blog. Would love to get some feedback.



Book 2 Blurb: Trial number 3


Would you run from love? From your one true love, or in this case, your second love? Elle Grace is an events photographer, and she is doing just that. Running! Elle has recently lost her husband, and remaining in her hometown has become somewhat painful. With her two year old daughter, Elle suddenly up and leaves, seeking the shelter of a country town in hope it’s destitute of any suitors. Plunging back into her abandoned photography business feels like just the right thing to do in a town that’s in need of a professional photographer. That is until the handsome Dean Stewart walks into her life, or rather, her business. He has a proposal she cannot refuse, and her heart tells her anything but to refuse. Will Elle take the job and risk losing her heart?

(Do you like the above? Thoughts?)

Blurb experiment, number 3

Ok, literally just thought of another way to do this blurb for Rule of Thirds. Here goes, I quite like it. Would love to see how you guys like it:

Promises are made to be broken, or so goes the saying. Elle Grace has made one such promise that may prove difficult to keep despite her efforts. After all, the recently widowed young woman has vowed to never again fall in love. She has even uprooted herself and her two year old child to a country town in New South Wales in order to ensure she’ll avoid meeting men. Elle even plunges herself back into her abandoned photography business to keep herself too busy to care. That is until he walks into her life, or rather, her business one hot summer afternoon, the handsome and endearing Dean Stewart. He has a proposal she can barely refuse, even if it means she’ll struggle keeping business away from her personal life. Is Elle about to break her own promise to never love again? After all, Dean has a certain way about him.

(Also, you can read this novel as it progresses on https://tablo.io/evacharya/rule-of-thirds) :) enjoy!


Help me ‘blurb’, quick!

Ok, so you know I’ve been desperately trying to get the blurb right for the next book I’ll release. I haven’t gotten it perfect yet. Can i get some thought? Feedback. The good, the bad, and the desperately ugly?

Here goes nothing:

“Ellenor Grace is too young, and too devastated by the loss of her husband. Suddenly, alone and grieving with a two year old child, she can barely move on. Unwilling to chance love again, she up and leaves her only home. She heads for the sun-dried pastures of a country town with her child and enough emotional baggage to last a lifetime. She is content with fresh beginning and a return to her photography business. That is until a client walks into her life with a proposal she cannot refuse. Is Elle about to chance something more than her work?”

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