Sample the chapters months before book release!

Yes, that’s right. As far as my plans go, I’m no more than a handful of months away from releasing the novel, ‘Rule of Thirds’ to the wide world web bookstores.

So here’s your chance to read as much as half the book before the eventual release of the book in 2015. Yup, that’s right. You can read chapters upon chapters and truly get a window into the whole story.

So come along. Join me on Tablo, and read before the rest of the world get a chance. Click ‘Rule of Thirds‘ to read more.


For the love of an Audience

Hi there,
Been a while since my last post. Real life has been crazy compared to this virtual world. I’m in the middle of organizing a Sydney premiere for my short film ‘The Circle
‘ on top of working on two shorts, two features, and two novels.

I could do with some help, honestly. So, as desperate as I am at this pressing moment with a promise to self to publish my second novel by Jan/Feb 2015, I dare say, I’m a little stressed.

For this reason, I’ve been putting up some chapters of the book on Tablo to make it easier for people to read it. So, if you love reading books, and especially ones that are romantic fiction (minus the GREY’s feel), and would love to help a fellow out, could I please ask for you to float to the other site only a click away, and have a read? Oh, you would?! :) that would mean so much. Thank you!

To read the start of my next novel as I make final changes, please check it out: ‘Rule of Thirds

Thanks lovelies! You can comment on Tablo, or here on my blog. Would love to get some feedback.



Book 2 Blurb: Trial number 3


Would you run from love? From your one true love, or in this case, your second love? Elle Grace is an events photographer, and she is doing just that. Running! Elle has recently lost her husband, and remaining in her hometown has become somewhat painful. With her two year old daughter, Elle suddenly up and leaves, seeking the shelter of a country town in hope it’s destitute of any suitors. Plunging back into her abandoned photography business feels like just the right thing to do in a town that’s in need of a professional photographer. That is until the handsome Dean Stewart walks into her life, or rather, her business. He has a proposal she cannot refuse, and her heart tells her anything but to refuse. Will Elle take the job and risk losing her heart?

(Do you like the above? Thoughts?)

Blurb experiment, number 3

Ok, literally just thought of another way to do this blurb for Rule of Thirds. Here goes, I quite like it. Would love to see how you guys like it:

Promises are made to be broken, or so goes the saying. Elle Grace has made one such promise that may prove difficult to keep despite her efforts. After all, the recently widowed young woman has vowed to never again fall in love. She has even uprooted herself and her two year old child to a country town in New South Wales in order to ensure she’ll avoid meeting men. Elle even plunges herself back into her abandoned photography business to keep herself too busy to care. That is until he walks into her life, or rather, her business one hot summer afternoon, the handsome and endearing Dean Stewart. He has a proposal she can barely refuse, even if it means she’ll struggle keeping business away from her personal life. Is Elle about to break her own promise to never love again? After all, Dean has a certain way about him.

(Also, you can read this novel as it progresses on :) enjoy!


Help me ‘blurb’, quick!

Ok, so you know I’ve been desperately trying to get the blurb right for the next book I’ll release. I haven’t gotten it perfect yet. Can i get some thought? Feedback. The good, the bad, and the desperately ugly?

Here goes nothing:

“Ellenor Grace is too young, and too devastated by the loss of her husband. Suddenly, alone and grieving with a two year old child, she can barely move on. Unwilling to chance love again, she up and leaves her only home. She heads for the sun-dried pastures of a country town with her child and enough emotional baggage to last a lifetime. She is content with fresh beginning and a return to her photography business. That is until a client walks into her life with a proposal she cannot refuse. Is Elle about to chance something more than her work?”

Blurb Trial: Numero 2

Taking all the wonderful suggestions and observations, I’ve re-written the blurb for ‘Rule of Thirds’. What do you guys think? Works? Doesn’t Work? Sucks?

At 28, Ellenor Grace has suddenly become the youngest widow she knows. She also knows she’s too broken to ever be fixed.  Grieving, lonely, and most of all, unwilling to fall in love again, up and leaves the home she knows, getting away from stifling family and a mother who is trying to play cupid. With her 2 year old daughter in tow and an emotional baggage to last a lifetime, Elle heads for the sun-dried pastures of a country town. With a fresh new start and her old photography business resumed, Elle is content. Until a hot summer’s day, a client arrives at her doorstep with a proposal she’d be a fool to reject.

Oh, and I’ve been putting up chapters for ‘Rule of Thirds’ and ‘A Million Smiles for June’ on my Tablo site – makes it easier for you all to read the stories as the chapters are all in one document etc. If anyone is interested in helping me out with some edits and suggestions on these two books, especially ‘Rule of Thirds’ as I’d like to publish it soonish, that would be awesomely awesome, and I’ll give you all virtual hugs, and gratitude. :)

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the above Blurb. Thanks muchly! :)

Blurb Trial.

Hi all,
Recently, I’ve been gearing towards the eminent release of my second novel, so I’ve been trying to sort out the details. Can I please get some of your expert help? :)

Here’s a blurb below. How does it read? Does it intrigue?

Rule of Thirds
Ellenor Grace is new to the whole widow scene. She is grieving, lonely, and most of all, unwilling to hand her broken heart to anyone else. One day, she up and leaves everything she knows with her child in tow, for the sun dried pastures of a country town with emotional baggage to last a lifetime. With a new beginning and a photography business resumed, Elle is content. Until that summer day, a client knocks on her door with a proposal she tries to refuse, but can’t.
Is Elle about to mend her broken heart and hand it over, that too, to a client she has decided will be just that, a client?



In a half way house
you stop, over by the gravel, beneath the long shudder
where the big old trees bow down, the bare, untamed grounds,
this halfway house, where the awning hang low,
as though a drunk on a lounge,
the tinted, tainted glass, thick and dusty with grime
where a pale painted butterfly is found,
this half way house, run down,
with walls thoroughly broken, and stairs agap
like a child’s milk teeth,
smiles unknowingly, unseeing,
this half way house, on an abandoned clearing
next to an abandoned brewery,
old remnants of life found,
of life bound.
This half way house, once with memories
of a new surround.


Cover experiement: A Million Smiles for June

Some of you have been eagerly following this story for quite some weeks. Just wanted to let you all know that I am starting to write the next chapter and will post it up as soon as I’m done writing it. But in the meantime, I’ve been playing around with cover layout/designs for my second novel, ‘Rule of Thirds’ and had so much fun that I couldn’t help but start cover layout/design for ‘A Million Smiles for June’.

Also, to make it easier to follow my book ventures (aka writing), I’ve opened up an account on, ( where I’ll be putting in my chapters as I go, so that it’s easier for you to follow the tales. See how I go anyway.

Anyway, this is just my first trial for A Million Smiles for June. What do you think? :D

Trial - a million smiles for June copy

In Anticipation of a Book Launch

As I resume my writerly side of life, and starting on chapter 9 for the third novel, I couldn’t help but spend a moment designing cover layout for my second novel, Rule of Thirds.

Here are two layouts I’m playing around with. Which one do you like? :)




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