Ready, steady…

So, here I am, couple of months later. Geez, where did all that time go? Definitely not on a holiday, or if it did, it certainly didn’t take me with it.

What have I been doing all this time? Well, I’ve had life nudge me a bit, saying get a move on… and I’ve been getting a move on. I am very, very close to getting my novel published online – that thing called a cover page is being designed! (Yay!!! can’t truly wait for that moment). I’ve started painting again (check it out below…I’m quite proud of him) and going to markets with couple of my friends to see if I can do this business-woman thing.

Arrgh…it’s a trick I tell you, juggling all of these…but it’s all going to be worth it… (fingers crossed!)


2 thoughts on “Ready, steady…

  1. Ohhh wooow! That is amazing, you’re definitely talented! Why didn’t you pursue artssss :O or literature?!?! >.> You can paint, write poems, even published a book already!


    1. I try. I love writing more than painting, and I enjoy it, but am not professionally trained at either. I have a friend who is an artist and she gives me pointers every now and then.


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