What shall I do today?

Well, today I think I’m going to do that thing that most people do so easily, promote themselves. I’m going to promote myself…sounds absolutely silly, don’t it? Yes, well, I must bite the bullet. Here goes nothing…

Please check out the following website. I would love to hear what you have to say about it. I really would :). (See, I’m even smiling)  http://www.writing.com/author/each

What is this website you say? Well, this is a little writers online community that I’ve been a part of since 2005, and have enjoyed uploading some of my scribbles for fellow writers/reader to enjoy and rate and review. One of the most tinny-tiny scary step I ever took was to offer my writings to be critiqued. Why, you ask? Well, English isn’t really my first language and with that comes the terrifying reality that sometimes, just sometimes, I may not have the little nuances down pat.

It is the writerly thing to do, so here is my heart, on a plate…be kind, and read on.


4 thoughts on “What shall I do today?

  1. Oh, a website,*bookmarks the website for future reference* English also isn’t my first language, but it is a common language between my parents so I grew up speaking English, but being in a non-English country. It isn’t as accurate and there are a lot of mistakes in pronunciation, grammar…yada yada yada…I am still learning too!


    1. Me too!
      I used to be so worried that I wouldn’t even show my writings to anyone incase I got teased. But over the years that shyness thankfully has fallen away a bit at a time. The blog is helping a lot.


      1. Yep, blogging is really great. Ofcourse it is hard initially, you have no idea if people are reading what you write. Me, personally I use my blog more as my soft copy notebook where I toss everything I write or think off. :3


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