A Kiss Goodnight

The following is the story that has taken it’s cue from the words goblet and fear. Let’s see where these words take the story.

Please be advised that the following story contains violence and may not be suitable for children and young readers.


A Kiss Goodnight

Lily raised her shaking hand to her lip and drained the red liquid from the pewter wine glass, feeling the alcohol burn her throat and the bitter taste gag her. She wasn’t a big wine drinker. Her nervous eyes darted between her fiancé in a corner of the room struggling with his bindings and the patch-eyed face of her captor sitting across the table in a tunic.

“Drink”, the man topped up her glass all the way and watched her. All Lily could do was lift the cup in her shaky hands, and obey. The wine lapped over the rim and wet her hand, causing her grip to slip and spill some of the wine. Instantly, she heard the table scrap across from her, and suddenly felt a thundering slap across her face that sent her and the chair she was on toppling over and the glass and wine flying off her hand. Her head spun and her ear rung from the hit. She groaned, trying to push herself off the cold floating boards and slipped.

“Oh,” the man murmured and Lily could see his tunic float her way. A shiver ran down her spine. She did not want him touching her anymore. The man leaned down and helped her sit up, caressing her reddened cheek tenderly. “Oh, Lily, look what you made me do,” he breathed heavily, sliding his thumb across her lower lip. She fought an urge to bit her lip away from his touch.

“Please, Liam,” Lily spoke and her breath came out shaky. “Please, don’t hurt us”.

“Shhhh!” Liam shook his head and continued tracing Lily’s lip. “Shhh!”

“Take your hands off of her!” Scott yelled, struggling to free himself from the cable ties that bound his hands and legs. Lily could tell he was fighting them as hard as he could from the pained strain on his face and the blood staining his top, which Liam hadn’t noticed yet.

Liam threw Scott a scathing look, his hand found Lily’s throat, and his strong thumb hovered over her windpipe threateningly. “Did I ask you to speak?”

Scott’s chest rose and fell in heavy swells from the anger and the fear. He looked at Lily. “I won’t let him hurt you,” and he continued letting the cable ties cut deeper into his skin if that meant he could free his hands.

Liam ignored Scott. He had what he wanted. Lily was right in front of him, in his hands. His eyes lowered to her pink lips, and Lily felt a tug on the back of her neck, pulling her towards him. She fought against the force, only to see a flash of rage cross Liam’s face, and he glared. “Be a good girl and do as you’re told, and no one will get hurt here tonight.”

Lily’s eyes widened with fear and she let out a whimper as Liam leaned in for a kiss. She felt his rough lips touch hers, the hand on her neck slid into her hair and his grip tightened around her. She couldn’t breathe. Liam forced his tongue in and Lily let out a cry. Suddenly, his hands gripped her around her hips and pulled her on top, and her waist pinned down by his strong arm. She bit him in desperation and felt Liam throw her on the floor and scream.

She had drawn blood.

Liam’s mouth curled up in a snarl, and he pulled out a knife and was upon Scott within seconds. He pulled Scott’s head back by the hair, and placed the knife across the throat. Scott stopped struggling with his bonds. “Shall I explain how this works again?”

Lily swallowed and looked to Scott. The knife was starting to stress his skin, and she could see the fear in his eyes. Lily shook her head. “No, no”

Liam spit out blood, and slammed Scott’s head down on the floor. He rose slowly and crept up to Lily. “So, let’s try this again, Princess. I ask you to do things, and you do them without complaining, like a good little girl, and when I’m done and satisfied with your efforts, I let you both go. Maybe,” he said as an afterthought.

Lily nodded.

“Good. Now get up!”

To be continued…

13 thoughts on “A Kiss Goodnight

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      1. It will come your way hopefully by next week :). I’m glad you liked it. It’s the first time I’m trying this genre. Was worried how the story was conveying.


      2. Well this type of writing is a bit intense in a way because you may feel worried if you will offend readers. But writing is part of real life and these things happen. I enjoyed reading what I read above so far. =)


      3. Depends on people I guess. Some will get offended, some won’t. But they got to understand that this is reality. I am sure nowadays with the amount of books coming out that are just plain open (lol yeh I am talking about that one book with a color shade..), you shouldn’t worry much and just allow yourself to explore the type of writing. As long as you are comfortable with it.


      4. Yeah, it was a big deal all around facebook. I haven’t read it nor do I plan too. I got so many views on the book by people I know who read it. xD


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