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Dear readers and fellow bloggers. Today, I will not be writing a great deal about a great deal. Today, simply, I want to give you the best of my best in poetry. Enjoy, and give comments if you will. Thank you.

Poem, Yours

Your voice speaks

With written words

Off tea-coloured pages


Visions, images –splashed

With characters

In spreading black ink


Your quill turns

With the slightest whiff

That the scribes are true


Freshness of verse engulfs

And dawn-colour steals across

The neon-blue heavens


Like a lover, your laughter floats out

Through the fibrous tangles

Reaching my longing ears


And I hear…


The paragraph that holds life

Sprinkled here and there

The words of love


You are the very poem

You compose in the twilight

You are my favourite creation.


And I read…


The words, the

Feeling behind the piece…

I read you