A Kiss Goodnight: Part 2

The following is the story that has taken its cue from the words goblet and fear. Let’s see where these words take the story.

Please be advised that the following story contains violence and may not be suitable for children and younger readers.


A Kiss Goodnight: Continued

Lily rose shakily to her feet looking at Scott. She could see a thin red line of blood where the blade had split the skin across his throat. She shivered, imagining what would happen if she didn’t do as she was told. She looked at Liam, a pit a vile bubbled up inside her at the thought of this man in her house, in her space, invading it.

Liam took a step towards her, pushing her hair back from her face. She held still, fighting the ever-present desire to slither away from his touch. His hand lowered to her collar-bone and traced it, the cold fingertip sending her shivering. Liam’s gaze ran down her body and he shook his head, fingers lacing back into her hair.

“These clothes will not do. Not at all.”

Lily cringed, scared of what was coming next.

“Don’t you dare,” Scott shouted, withering like a worm on the floor.

“Scott!” Lily whimpered, shaking her head.

Liam grinned from ear to ear, and tugged Lily into a hug, laughing. “See Scott, ain’t my girl smart.”

“I’m not your girl,” Lily quietly said.

Liam’s lips pressed into a hard-line. “You would have been. You should have been! Liam. Lily. It makes sense!” He screamed into her ear and then let her go; striding back into the hallway where he had dropped his sports bag earlier when he’d barged in. “And tonight, I’ll change that!”

Lily took the opportunity to run to Scott, cradling his face lovingly in her hands and desperately pressed a kiss. “Don’t make him any angrier Hun, please. I’ll do whatever he asks. Just, don’t make him angry.”

“Lily, you can’t.”

“I have to. We have no choice.”

She could hear Liam’s heavy feet heading back into the dining room, and her back tensed. Before she could get up and pretend she hadn’t just had a moment with Scott, Liam was upon her, and a handful of hair was pulled, painfully forcing her to her feet once more.

“It’s Liam, tonight!” he screamed, dragging her away from Scott for the second time that night. “Liam. Not Scott!” He let go of her only when they had reached as far away from Scott as possible. Lily dropped to the floor, crying and shivering.

Liam leaned over her, “Shhh!” he wiped a drop of moisture from her cheek and pulled her face up. “Why do you make me hurt you?”

Lily shivered in his hand.

Liam pulled the bag closer to them, and unzipped it, pulling out from it a grotesquely frilly period white gown. “Now, if we are going to do this, then we have to do it properly.” He held the dress up against Lily and admired the view.

“You were wearing something similar when we first met, do you remember?” he asked childishly.

Lily shook her head.

“Well, I suppose you wouldn’t,” he answered. “You never liked that dress. You said it made you look puffy.” He leaned in and kissed her forehead, “But I always thought you looked pretty, like a princess.”

He rose to his feet grabbing Lily by the arm. “Put it on.”

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