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It’s about time I write this. Been pondering whether to or not for weeks now, but I guess, had I written it any earlier, I would have just looked like a lost kid standing in the middle of a carnival yelling for help. No one would have noticed, not with all the noise around.

The blogging world is kind of like that, isn’t it? A carnival, with many rides, and games, and stalls etc. – each blog as if a magical stall offering something or other that is grand and awing. Well, the last few weeks, I’ve been the new kid on the block, the new stall holder if you will, trying my hand at attracting attention of the carnival-goers, my minute of fame. This got me thinking, how does a new kid on the block get in with the crowds. How do I know what’s expected of me, or what I am to expect from you? To be frank, I had this wild notion that, being the new kid would be like school days, very hard to make friends etc. I was rather expecting that it would be months on end that I’d be posting things online to the benefit of no one…shouting out into the vacuum.

But, to my absolute surprise, I have had more views than I was expecting, more of you following my blog than I was expecting. It’s simply very exciting, knowing that what I write isn’t just going out there and hanging in the air; knowing that some of you are kind enough to encourage these threads of thoughts. So, as the new kid on the block, I want to say hello and thank you for such kind and warm welcome into the blogosphere. Much appreciated!

I’ve seen this carnival for a bit now, know my way around the paths and aisles a bit better than the minute I walked in. And now, I’m excited to explore this world with more focus.

Almost as much focus as I had to give to finish the painting that is accompanying this post. What this newish stall at the carnival offers you are glimpses into the story worlds that develop in books and films I pen, and sometimes images that catch my fancy, or the ones I am motivated to make.