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These are the things that have transpired today. I’ve had over 100 likes on the blog, reached over 1000 views, and best of all, I took a proactive step towards making my own dream come true. I released my book on Amazon and sold a handful of copies. As of today, I can proudly claim to be a writer.

Wow! That’s all I can say. Just, wow.

So how does it feel to be published regardless? Hmm. A really difficult and confusing question that, especially since I have spent more than half my life wanting to be published via the traditional route. It’s a long time to want something. Long time to day dream that this is how it would happen, or that is how it would happen. We all know we do it, the imagine-ourselves-as-a-discovered-author. But a lot has changed in the writing world in the last decade. So, to be here today self-publishing in order to make that all consuming dream come true feels a little like I travelled the less scenic route to reach a destination, and frankly, I feel a little empty that despite trying I took a wrong turn but still reached my desired destination.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic. I truly am. It’s been such a life long dream. But being alone in my endeavor, without the guides, feels a little nerve wrecking. I’m stepping out there in this giant minefield of a world and am afraid to take a wrong step.

This day of milestones has been one heck of a day, taking me on a roller-coaster of emotions. Here I am, hoping I can navigate well through the field in an order to do at least some sight-seeing.

To all you readers and writers. Today of all days, I feel the most amazing and the most vulnerable. What a way to be.

Regardless, the day just gone has been one most cherished!
I really can’t say more than that.