Glamour, freedom, fans, book tours and signings, bucket loads of money, advertising on tv and radio, interviews galore and photo shoots. Is that what comes to mind when you think about what it would be like to live even a day in the shoes of a writer?

Sure! If you were the likes of J. K. Rowling, and Stephen King, or Celia Ahern. But unfortunately, for most writers, until we are picked up and carried on shoulders by fans because they are crazy in love with something we have written, the road we tread is rather different.

How different?

It’s called the ‘Struggle Street’. Here, there is no glamour, our freedom? Well, what’s that? We are having to stay afloat taking jobs just to keep life moving till that magic day when we can do so otherwise. That bucket has nothing but air in it, and sometimes even our bank balance reflects it. The only book tours or signings we go to are on the tv, or the net. We browse aisles on a bookstore imagining what it would feel like to see a spine with our name on it. And most times, after what feels like eons to complete something ’cause we divide our days amongst so many activities, we are mostly met with impossible criteria set by publishers or agents that we even dream of the day our effort is read by the person looking after the slush pile.

This is what faces writers until they become an ‘author’. The difference between the two? A writer battles impossible situations and verges on giving up every now and then because the finish line seems to be cordoned off. The author? They were once the writers, staring at that finish line behind the barrier.

It is a hard job, being a writer. Let me confess. I’ve been chasing the writing world for multiple years, and in those years, have come so close to giving up my pen (but then the thought of that is more terrifying) – so I’ve continued conjuring up enough courage to keep going.

A writers life is not easy, an author’s, maybe. Until that day we can claim that elusive title, the road we trek is littered with obstacles we must overcome if what we want is truly what we can’t live without.

That’s the main thing: writing is something we can’t live without. And I bet most of us would say we will continue writing, even if it is just for ourselves.

How many of you have almost given up just to get back up again?