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The last week has been incredible to say the least. The increase in stats for ‘Papermashed’ has me hooked crazy on watching the digits go up. Not only that, but as of today, its been exactly a week since I published my novel on Amazon.com and have sold a grand total of 5 copies. That’s not a lot, but to me, it’s an incredible number!

Guess what I’m trying to say, or rather ask is whether you would be interested in helping me make some crucial decisions regarding my second novel prior to publishing.

You see, I’ve had it professionally assessed, and have received a very encouraging and thorough report. To say I’m excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. However, like all reviews and reports, things aren’t always sunshine and daisies. At its very core, reports are brutally honest. Just as they honestly tell you so and so is great about your manuscript, they are also equally honest regarding any weaknesses/trouble spots that face the story. Mind you, its their job to tell you all this.

Here is where I’m going with this. There have been a couple of suggestions made in regards to the layout of the story and the sequencing. Truth be told, I’m not 100% sold on the suggestions, and it’s not simply to do with the fact that I am the writer. You, see, the way I’ve set up this story is on the present, but anytime something significant happens to trigger a certain behaviour from my main protagonist, Ellenor Grace, I follow that chapter with a chapter on her past to explain it. It makes sense in my head.

Secondly, I didn’t just write the past to indulge myself knee-deep in the storytelling. In fact, I chose that format because Elle’s past shaped her, and her present actions are all slaves to those memories she keeps close to her heart.

So why are her memories so damn important for me to convey? Rule of Thirds is a story based on true events in someone’s life, a wonderful woman I have had the luck of befriending. This is the way she had told me her story, her past had mattered as much as her present. So I feel that since the story is based on someone’s incredible journey, that I must to some extent remain true and honest to her voice and her emotions. For me personally, I feel uncomfortable removing her past from the novel entirely as was the suggestion. Her past made her do certain things, decide on certain things to lead to her present.

The other suggestion that was made to my delight was to sauce up a character I quite enjoyed writing and believe she added that extra something. To be told I should really unleash her was exciting – let’s see where she leads the story.

Thirdly, because I stayed true to the story in terms of sequencing, I’ve had the feedback that the ending isn’t as strong as it could be. I’m sitting on the fence on this one. I could be convinced either way. But for now, sitting on the fence hurts as it is taking up precious time. Do I go with the ending that actually transpired, or do I utilise my artistic license and fashion a new ending?

So, after all this ranting about the story which none of you are yet privy to, I ask you, as friends and fellow writers, as readers and bloggers who have accidentally or curiously stumbled upon this post and have stayed till now. Will you help me trial my book, chapter by chapter on this very blog, and help me make some crucial decisions on the story of one Ms Grace?

Your help will be much appreciated by both her and myself.

Yours humbly,


RULE OF THIRDS: Short Synopsis

Ellenor Grace is okay with her life. She has a new home in a new town, a beautiful daughter, Maya, a fledging new photography business and emotional baggage from the loss of her husband a year before. Life seems ordinary to the young widow and perhaps ordinary is exactly what she needs.

That is until one sweltering hot summer’s day a mysterious and undeniably handsome Dean Stewart enters her life with a business proposal she’d be a fool to turn down. Only problem is, Elle’s heart seems to have a mind of its own, and she is determined not to get swept away. After all, Dean is just another client.

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