Rule of Thirds – Prologue and Chapter 1

Would love to get some discussion/thoughts going on on this one.


All right, here goes nothing. I’m going to do it. Put up some chapters on the blog that is to see how you all react to it. I haven’t heard back from you all, it’s quite a silent room. I’m not a good comedian then. LOL.

Anyways. I’m nervous to let Rule of Thirdsout into the world like this, so unprepared. But, I must believe in the kindness and generosity of the people and hope that along this journey, some will help and guide me.

Without further babbling, here is the prologue and chapter 1 from my almost completed novel, with which I am in love with by the way, but that’s just a writer talking. I’ll let Ellenor Gracehave her say now. Happy reading!

* * *


A Special Gift

Dust rose in swirls as Elle and Chloe raced one another towards the carnival fair. The…

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