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Do you believe in ghosts? The body-less spirits once belonging to someone who has passed away, and those who are still lingering in our mortal world? Do you believe in the paranormal at all? The bogeyman under the bed? The pesky poltergeist? Mermaids or mermen? Or even Yeti and Bigfoot? Or Mick Wazowski from Monsters Inc.?

Well, unfortunately for you, this isn’t that kind of post. Not at all!

This post belongs to the category of the living. The silent ones that live among us in our great cities, and small towns, and countryside. These ghosts ladies and gentlemen are living persons. Ones whom you can touch and pinch and will go ‘Ow’, and probably take great offense at your action. These are people who silently stand at the periphery of the writing world, lingering as if mere spirits. Some may notice them, some may not.

I know what ‘ghost’ writing is all about, but for those of you who have a vague idea, here is how Wikipedia puts it: a ghost writer is a ‘writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports or other texts that are officially credited to another person’.

So basically, ghost writers are doing all the hard work, writing down the words someone else will take credit for. Now I take an issue with this. Grave issue! How is it fair that someone does all the work and someone else gets the credit and all the glory associated with it?

Personally, I admire writers who give up their skills and erase away their name to tell someone else’s story, in someone else’s voice. It takes a lot of guts and a mountain high self-esteem to be able to simply say ‘Heck, I’ll do the job, and do it well all for the story’.

Given todays world and how tough it is becoming to survive on the backs of our ability to string words, I don’t blame these brave souls for taking on the task of doing a story justice, even if it is while stifling their own rise in the hierarchy of the writing industry. Sometimes it is the price of bread on the table. Simple.

So just take a moment to soak this knowledge into your pores. There are books out there that are ‘written’ by famous authors, or even some by unknowns or emerging authors, but are penned by someone else entirely, someone who may or may not ever get acknowledged for the work they have done.

(Image: Darling Harbour, Sydney- Dusk)