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In strange Company Cover     front

Bear with me…I’m trying to do this the best I can. Procrastinate that is. I’m supposed to be concentrating on my reading materials for assignments due shortly, but instead, here I am, concentrating on something else, something more exciting than words that have the power to tranquillize. Believe me, the other day I merely finished one excruciating page before I was put to sleep, only to wake up at midnight with a creak in my neck. So, to counteract that effect, I turn to this.

I’m turning out to be quite the master of procrastination as of late, namely because I’d rather not be writing academic essays. There’s not much room for imagination in those. Alas, I’ll have to get back to them before long. Maybe after this.

I love procrastinating. Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But it’s absolutely true. Sometimes, in my eyes, these are great moments of frenzied need to find diversion, to amuse ourselves in activities that take us away from the business of what we need to do but don’t want to do. At these moments, procrastination walks up to us like a familiar friend, offers its hand and we take it, merrily jumping to our feet to take a walk.

Procrastination may not be a great habit to indulge, but we all do it. We know we do. The only time it’s a problem is when we go on walks that take those extra minutes we  could have used completing something else. Until then, procrastination is that imaginary friend who helps a stressed or bored mind to rejuvenate and bounce back with renewed focus on the work at hand.

One of the many things I’ve been able to produce during such a session with my friend was to paint the snow scene (image 1), specifically to be used to design the cover page for my book, In Strange Company.

It was a fun project. Prior to this, I had never painted snow. So I was terrified to start it alone. I had wanted to paint something realistic looking and enlisted the help of another friend who is much more advanced in painting than I, Abecca. But truth be told, I struggled using a brush and going at a slower pace than I was used to. My fingers itched to just grab my palette knives and attack the canvas as I normally would. As you can see, eventually, I lost my strength to patiently work at it, and when Abecca wasn’t watching over me, I did exactly what I itched to do. Took palette knives and started loading on paint. It was a marvellous hour session, and at the end of that hour, viola, the image was ready. Image 2: The gorgeous but tedious job of converting and designing this image into the final product was completed by Martzie’s Digital Corner. I am very thankful to both for the enormous help.

So you can see, sometimes, procrastination is one of my best friend. In fact, I can attribute the initial 5-second-thought to start a blog, and then have ‘Papermashed’ registered within half hour to this artful friend, procrastination.

I am a proud procrastinator. In fact, I never procrastinate, I just find other things to do than the one I have to do.