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The following is the story that has taken its cue from the words goblet and fear. Let’s see where these words take the story.

Please be advised that the following story contains violence and may not be suitable for children and younger readers.


A Kiss Goodnight: Continued

Lily simply stood, not making an effort to grab the dress.

Liam shoved the dress into her hands, and said. “Put. It. On.”

Lily felt his hand clamp around hers, forcing her to grab a hold of the dress. Then he stood there watching. From the corner of her eyes she could see Scott, absolutely fearful.

“I…I” Lily stammered, looking from Scott to the hideous dress in her hand.

Suddenly she could hear the cacophony laugh ring out. “Oh Lily, how stupid of me! Modest women don’t disrobe in front of strange men,” he said making a point of looking at Scott. “Sorry Scott, you might have to close your eyes.”

Lily bit her lips, it was the last thing she wanted to do, but she could still see the blood on Scott’s throat. She definitely knew what she didn’t want Liam to do anymore, and besides, the quicker this was over the quicker they could try to get back to normal life. If.

“I’ll change in my room,” she whispered and took a step towards the door. She just remembered her phone was charging in her room. She’d left it charging as soon as she had been home. She could call the police, the neighbour, or anyone who could help. “I’ll be back.”

“Oh no,” Liam quickly grabbed her arm. “There is no need to go to the bedroom yet.” He looked around the place, the only spaces he could see was the foyer he’d just come from and the stairs leading to the upstairs. He briskly walked over and noticed the cupboard underneath the stairs, opened it and saw just a few suitcases, a rack of shoes, and a few coats hanging from nails but nothing that could be used against him. What would she do? Try and hit him with a shoe? He walked back to Lily and grabbed her hand and led her there. “You can change here. And no funny business, you hear! Or next time I’ll cut deeper his throat.”

Lily nodded and stepped in, she went to shut the door and Liam put a foot in the way. “The door stays open.”

He stood part way into the foyer and part way into the room where Scott was. Scott’s eyes were riveted on the open door; he could not see Lily for the wall was in the way.

Liam was enjoying this. “The dress was my mothers,” he said, as if he’d been asked that question. “She wore it for her wedding. It was her mother’s before her.” Liam looked anxiously at the door as well for a brief moment. “She always wanted her daughter-in-law to wear it.”

Lily stood partly shivering in the cupboard. She could hear Liam talking and her mind went into a frenzied panic. This was the first time she had been out of his sight. At least in her room, she could have called for help, but here in the closet under the stairs, she had no means. Damn, it, why didn’t they keep anything of substance in there? She skimmed every surface, eyed every item but none looked remotely threatening.

“I’ve been saying to mum, ‘One day, mum, Lily will wear it for you’,” he huffed, leaning against the door frame. “But oh no, she goes ahead and gets engaged to you, and then my mother goes on and gets sick.” He turned to Scott, for the first time that night, looking sad. “The doctor says any day now she’ll die.”

He turned back to the door and eyed the wall behind which Lily stood. “How are you going in there, Lil?”

“Almost!” Lily replied in panic, “It’s a fiddly dress, give me a few minutes.” She started out of her clothes quickly in case his face loomed over the doorway any second. But to her relief, Liam kept talking. Lily stood, in all but her underwear and as she went to pull the dress over her head she brushed a jacket and something jingled lightly. She stood quietly a moment, listening for any heavy footfalls. Then she reached into Scott’s jacket from whence the jingle had sounded, and pulled out a set of keys on a ring. There, amongst it was also the small Swiss Army knife she had bought to replace the one Scott’s dad had given him but which he lost.

“So, tonight you can marry me and Lily, in mum’s dress, take a few happy snaps, kiss and go to bed, and tomorrow, I’ll take her to visit mum. She’ll be happy.” Liam shifted his weight impatiently on his feet and stared at the wall behind which Lily stood painfully and slowly freeing the knife from the rest of the keys so that she wouldn’t make a sound and warn him.

“Are you done yet?”

“Almost…” Lily managed to free the knife and stood listening to any movement. She had to do something to buy herself more time. She was barely in the dress if he were to come over right this instance. “Which hospital is she in?” she asked, wanting to keep Liam busied in conversation for a few more minutes while she put on Mrs Norrington’s dress. For the first time that night, Lily saw a slight ray of hope that all might just turn out right. If she played her cards right, that was.


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