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This poem featured in my How to write Poetry’ yesterday, but I think it deserves a post of its own. So here is…

Thousand Words
A picture says a thousand words
What does a picture of me tell you?
Does it say, ‘Oh, look at that gorgeous girl, ain’t she happy?’
Does it invite the admiration we desire?
Or does it stir deep beneath your porcelain glee a hidden heart of venom?
Or perhaps your glance at the image stirs nothing, nope, not a twig, for you couldn’t care less about the girl in that dress?

The girl, with her ever wide smile,
those cherry lips on a milky face,
her hand on the merry waists of friend, or family – who cares?

You may not know,
nor may you care,
but the girl you see may never be
the girl everyone sees. Not even she.

You do not see the strain in her eyes,
the clamp of her hands,
the way her chin is slight tucked in,
or the fact that her eyes glint.

You may not know what she has seen.