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Oh boy! This is a rather unusual piece for me. I normally write about human emotions and odd situations, but I’m not one to sit there and write a period piece. This poem seems to have gone back to the time just before WWII was starting, and I think covers the perspective of the women, watching the men in their lives go to war in one piece, and never come back the same. I’m not sue how this has turned out in the writing. :s

Don’t be so greedy!
What kind of wars did we wage,
where boys barely out of childhood strayed?
First the fathers did we bid well,
barely knowing of the next embrace.
World saw little but heard a lot of ruffle,
booms of all the trouble,
the boys in boggy trenches faced.

Though it all rests now in history,
parts of the wounded world is yet to heal,
some booms are still being felt.
Let the stories lay their,
between the pages where men are fond of telling extravagant tales.
We care not to hear your glorious victory for all the battles you never fought.
Don’t be so greedy, these boys have just come back home, in all their various forms. And some, not at all.
Just let them be, let them have some peace.
The world can do without sending, anymore young ones to sort out your power rows!