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I don’t normally write about being politically correct, racism and all those sensitive issues that always rub people the wrong way.

Here’s a thing some of you may not know about me. I was born in Nepal. My parents are Nepali, and so are my grandparents. So technically, I’m a Nepali, putting citizenship by naturalisation aside. And I live in Australia. So sometimes, unfortunately when you put those two factors together, I brush past the sore topic of discrimination and racism.

One thing everyone should always note is that racism, discriminatory behaviours and speeches do not hide well on one who holds on to these. The only reason I’m actually writing this today was that I was unfortunately a target of such behaviour for no reason than the fact that these people were intolerant and working in the wrong field – retail. I will be lying if I say this was the first time I’ve been a ‘victim’ of such mindless, narrow, uptight people, but the difference today was, I’ve had enough. I officially made my first complaint against this person that made me feel like I had no right to be breathing this air, or even standing in front of her. This is not on anymore. This behaviour is unacceptable, disgusting, and frankly there is no place for it in today’s multicultural world.

What I’d like to say to people who carry on like mindless ape is this: The world isn’t black and white anymore. No need to be all huffy and superior. We are all the same. And if they don’t like diversity, then perhaps they may as well to go home, lock their door and stay there.

I do apologise if I offend anyone, but this is simply my opinion. It’s not fun being on the receiving end. I usually don’t dabble in this kind of debate, but today was just a very jolting day, and made me very angry to say the least. How do you guys feel about this issue?