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This is a very odd piece for me, and I hope it’s worked. I welcome feedbacks. Enjoy!

There be a shadow
in this house of old.
I sit alone in wait
and see it flit
then turn to behold darkness beyond
the kitchen door
I hear the rattle of cupboards
and the clink of utensils
I hear my own breath escape
I turn again
as behind me some one stalks the corridor
I hear their heavy footfalls and the creak of the floor
I tremble and reach for my stick
and wish I still had a perfect sight
I quake on shaky legs and edge my way
perhaps I can swipe at air and scare them away
so I turn to the kitchen door
and there I freeze forever more
I hear them speak and reach for my ear
but there be no hearing aide
so I hold my stick up high over my head and strain to hear what the whispers say
‘Honey, this old house is scaring me,’ the female says
Damn right I think and dare close another inch
‘Are you still on about that, babe?’ he laughs, making me quake
‘This house is haunted! I swear’ she says
I laugh at the absurdity – a ghost thinks my house is haunted, what a silly thing
he laughs still
I lift my stick higher and step ahead
‘It’s that old man, I bet,’ continues she.

What? I freeze.