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She sat on the wide window sill
soaking the mild winter’s sun
the cobalt path littered with piles of snow
and as the wind blew
she couldn’t help but hear a calling
as if from miles away
a voice unpinned echoing, cooing in her ears
the door opened beside her and her father popped his head
‘Dear, you better get in here before the gale takes you away.’
She nodded with a smile
and stayed there a longer while
something in her deep soul stirring
longing for land far away
she could hear its calling,
thus she stayed, waiting against the wind
‘Where?’ she whispered
stretching her face into the swirling voices
‘Away’ in a whisper it said,
‘Away, my darling I wait.’
She turned to the door and stared,
and slowly peeled herself away.
The wind was calling her name.