I know nothing of ballads

I know nothing of ballads
nor rhymes or rhythm
to sing a note
or follow a tune
of music and musings
are rare and few
I know nothing of the moon
nor the tides to pull
heartstrings a few
I know not my right foot from left
and of dancing
akin to drunkenness
of romance and gentlemen’s way
I know not what is wooing
or how to even do it
but dear
all I know is
I cannot go a day
without greeting you
without thinking how happy you’d be making
with just by being you.
I know not of ballads,
nor the power of pretty flowers.
My dear all I know
that the day is fairly bare without just a simple glimpse of you.
I know not how to sing to you.


5 thoughts on “I know nothing of ballads

  1. I can’t sing either. Which is really embarassing because I used to sing with Audra McDonald in school… She covered up my voice Thank God..

    I can do a little bit of silly rhyming though.

    Great poem!


    1. I’m a terrible closest singer but an excellent bummer (at least I tell myself that so as not to hurt my own feelings :p).
      I try rhyming in my poems but I don’t quite think it comes across most of the time.
      I was just on your sight try to read some of your wandering poems. Great title by the way.


      1. Thanks. LoL.

        Poems don’t have to rhyme, and sometimes if they don’t I inflect in my head to make it rhyme anyway, lol. If it’s close it rhymes. 🙂

        Your poems are great
        Your gravatar makes me laugh
        Lady, Mysterious
        Uhh, Writer’s Brain Cramp
        Oh well.
        Enjoy some cake
        Goodbye for Now
        From Kaufman’s Kavalkade;)


      2. hehehe. I’m glad you enjoy them.

        I meant to say hummer, but instead I said bummer
        I blame my technology for getting in the way
        I do hope you enjoy your day
        and I do love those glasses I’m wearing
        though I don’t know where they be right now
        Adieu to you too too for now.


  2. Reblogged this on papermashed and commented:

    I thought I’d reblog some of the earlier poems for those who might have missed out. I think I might do this for this following month, reblog some older poems I think would be enjoyed.


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