No longer a new kid on the block

I used to be a newbie on this block, the blog block, till a couple of weeks. I was trying to figure out how to step out of those big newbie shoes and slip into something a bit more fitting and comfortable – a space that’s mine, and simply an ‘extra’ room to put all my thoughts and energy into on this long road to becoming an author.

How have I gone since 27th of June, the day I finally decided this blog was worth the effort? Well, great I suppose, I mean I’m thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere, and kind of addicted to it in a good way – it keeps me challenging myself to produce at least one creative piece a day, and on a really good day, I may be lucky to put up more than one.

However, no matter the slow but steady rise of followers, views and likes, I held myself to be a newbie – someone who was still learning how this interactive, creative hub worked. You see, despite slight achievement every day, one day at a time, I felt I hadn’t quite shed my ‘newbie’ feel. Why? Because, to me a blog has always been a place where fellow bloggers and readers interact with you through comments and questions piled against your writing. Since the comments and questions were a bit thin on the ground, I was lacking that satisfying to-and-fro with another like-minded person, to feel the enthusiasm in sharing with them, or I’d leave a comment on another’s post in the hope that I could ‘interact’. I haven’t succeeded… until recently.

Just a couple of day ago, I had a wonderful interaction with another blogger, Aisukori, who happened by my blog accidentally on purpose through someone else she follows. Absolutely loved some of the poetry I had written and left me comments with an open-ended feel to it, and I replied with a gusto. I mean, I had been craving such interaction from readers but was a little saddened that my pieces weren’t generating interactions that I was hoping for. I guess I was almost hoping to create inspiring connections with people who saw how you saw the world, and anything short of that was akin to almost-failure. (LOL)

Alas, in the last two weeks, some comments have found their way to me and am simply loving the opportunity to ‘talk’ to another. I believe I have finally graduated up a level from ‘newbie’. I think I have entered the earlier grades of this wondrous institute, and am frankly looking forward to more interactions. I LOVE talking so I never shy away from a conversation I guess.

So, hi there, hello. I finally get to meet some of you and exchange words. I’m very excited – do excuse this odd little entry.


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