Hi all,

Almost a week ago, I put In Strange Company up for free in the hope that some of you would love to get a copy and enjoy a read. So I’m just following back, as I take a break from mind-bending boredom of writing an academic essay. How are you going? Or have you even had a chance to start? I’m sure some of you have a massive list of books you’re getting through. Or did you even get a chance to grab a copy?

I know I only put it up for 24 hours, and unlike me, who finds herself coming back to the blog every so often in a day, not every one has that time I suppose. Either way, I’m being one of ‘those’ writers, eager to hear from you. Really eager. So just letting you know… you can write, drop a word, ask a question, or leave a general comment to me anytime you like.

Also, wanted to ask, how would you like another freebie day? I’ve been thinking, to celebrate Father’s day around the corner, I might release it again, for the second time out there, free, and wanted to see if any of you were keen.

Let me know.



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