Why sadness grips me
when I see you leave
as though you presence
held some meaning for me
you read a few words
wondering their meaning
and came by for a brief while
but now you go as though a ghost
and I wonder was it something I said
I must have said something to upset,
for you to decide no longer to stay.

(This poem is a funny one. Just an hour ago I read a post on Kaufman’s Kavalkade regarding the courtesy that’s there in following back someone who follows you either on blog or twitter and what not – the general waters of the cyber world. It got me thinking and this poem resulted – on what makes someone follow, follow you back, or decide to stay. What an odd thing to inspire poetry!)


9 thoughts on “Follow

  1. Happy to inspire you with my post. It’s kinda a satirical look, because I have like 48 twitter tweets, and the guy I linked to has over 100k or so. But somehow he followed me when I followed him. And I found out why by reading his blog.

    Thanks for the mention also.


    1. I know, some people have so many followers and your just thinking how, but courtesy does go a long way still in this world. I try and follow all that follow me. I feel it’s only fair, though I do believe I’ve missed some in the initial days so have to go over and follow them.

      I really liked your post!


      1. I’ve only truly become a poet in the last two weeks from a novelist. I’m enjoying the detour.
        Ps. I like ‘TheMaskedPoet’. Very much so. Might punch it on occasions :p


    1. I haven’t had a nickname since I was a kid. No one can shorten my name anymore than it is is already. 🙂

      MaskedPoet might sign off for now – assignment deadline is looming. Yikes!


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