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I’ve never done any supernatural theme before. Here is my first crack at it in the poetry.

Vampire Days

Up on the terra-cotta old roof
with its spindly towers of darkness and doom
where the forest thick surrounded
perhaps an attempt at banishing
the haunt of an old soul lingering
– a place forbidden
and over time slipped into the pages of the books
where the birds and animals dared not traverse
and the moon was the only companion
there upon that terra-cotta roof
with its broken and weathered tiles
sat a figure lonely and still
he gazed upon the moon and made a wish
that enough he had of this loneliness
– he wished upon the clear moon
that tomorrow may the world end
– or at least send a friend
– for centuries he hadn’t uttered
nor barred his teeth into flesh
why else would the forest dare
to swallow his place whole
if he hadn’t allowed it to imprison him so.