‘Write what you know’ – why it is a poor advice

Between all the excited posting if poems as they came, I think this one disappeared a bit. So, here it is again, in case…


Pieces of advice are all well and good if they are well meaning, some however, we should take with a grain of salt and make our own informed decision.

You may be someone who dabbles in writing, and have spent quite some time practicing your craft and longing for some inside guides and tips etc. and for that reason, you stalk many a writers/bloggers/agents/publishers on what extra you could do, how you could go about getting the attention you crave. Here is one advice you are implored not to follow: write what you know. You and I both know what that mean. It’s asking us to only write what we have experienced, what we definitely know.

Yes! That’s a legitimate advice you have already come across/or may come across in your endeavour to tackle the writing giants, or knock on some doors for well-meaning questions and queries. Please, whatever you…

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