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IMG_0513[1]My million and bazillion henna tattoo designs – okay, more like 50, maybe, if that.

Why am I showing you this? Well, partly because that’s what I’ve been working on this evening – designing, cutting and laminating. And partly because they are pretty and you will like them!

Since I kind of wrote about my ‘muse’ chucking a tantrum yesterday, she hasn’t been very kind to me in the writing sense today, so instead, I’ve taken my black pen out and sat down to design some more henna designs – I needed them anyway.

You see, once or twice a month, I go to markets with couple of my friends, and we have a stall there. One does painting, gorgeous ones, the other does ceramic pottery and pendants, and I? Well, I sell few silver jewellery and mostly offer a henna tattoo service for a meagre sum. It’s fun – though the Sun gets a bit too much some days. Anyway, the point is, we are going to a three-day show this coming weekend, and I just felt I’m going to need more designs than I’ve got. So there, I’ve done about 20 today – and frankly, I’m tired, but not from the designs. It’s one of our religious day, and like in all ethnic families, we Hindus love our food! A bit too much. You’d be tired too if you’ve spent hours in the kitchen…hence the picture of the sweets I made. It deserved a spot! Don’t know if you know it, it’s called Gulab Jamun. I made them myself from scratch – not a bad effort I believe, though I may have burnt a few – maybe about 80% of them.

It’s been a productive day regardless! ‘Cause they were yummy!


As for tomorrow…geez…I’m a bit nervous. I have an interview with a radio station and honestly speaking, I’m worried about looking like an idiot. Here’s fingers’ crossed that I say the right things, and don’t meander too much from the questions.

Excited much?! (A little) Wish me luck!