Hey hey…

I’m going to be fairly quite this weekend (if you can believe that?!) because I’m at a 3-day carnival show. However, in celebration of the Father’s Day on the 1st September, this coming Sunday, I’m promoting my book again for the occasion.

So please find IN STRANGE COMPANY free for 24 hours on Amazon Kindle.

In Strange Company was in the top 5% when the last promotion had run – let’s see if we can’t kick it up any higher this time.

Please spread the word in your circle – reblog, share etc. go crazy and pass this on to everyone you know and help me get the word out there about this new promotion!

Also, for any one who is a bit stuck and thinking ‘Oh, I don’t have a Kindle’, a friend of mine suggested I mention in the blog to let those of you who don’t already know, that there are Free Kindle Apps available for other platforms, such as iPhone, iPad, Android and heaps more (I wouldn’t have known if someone else hadn’t told me either). So have a browse in your phone/tablet’s on board ‘Store’ and get downloading both the App and the Book.

Thank you heaps guys. Every download means so much!

Remember: the sale starts at the turn of August 31st and ends at 11.59 Pacific standard time. (Please note that Amazon may take a couple if hours to start the free promo. I do apologize if it hasn’t updated the promo when you visit. Visit it again in a short while.)

In 20min or so the book become FREE! Spread the word!


6 thoughts on “2nd Round: FREE eBOOK – In Strange Company. Get it while it’s hot!

      1. Masked Poet, I tweeted your free book giveaway to all 85 of my loyal,, highly discriminating followers, and had no @maskedpoet to tell them about.

        And if I talk about the movie you directed, they cannot follow you on Twitter.


      2. Yeah, but a lot aren’t on WordPress.

        The features are express yourself in 140 words or less, hehe.


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