Homeless Friend

If I tell you life is a joy
Would you see right through me?
If I tell you life is easy
Would you believe me?
If I said I’m not hungry, you go ahead
Would you leave me instantly?
What if I were to shiver in front of you
Would you think I’m fine?
Or were I to cry, like a child in your arm
Would you think I’m melodramatic?
Or what if I knock on your door at night, disheveled and sick
Would you peer out waiting for me to leave?

Until you’ve been in my shoes
my dear who call yourself a friend
you can not know what is in me that breaks
knowing that all those times you smile
we’re fake.
Your privileged life
healthy, wealthy and wise
I dare not dream would ever be mine
so kindly do continue to do what you will
if ever your were to be left hungry,
without home, warmth of clothes, or sick and broken hearted
I’ll be here.
You’re sincerely.


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