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He looked on
with the brush in hand
at the white of the canvas
on the easel stand
beyond it she smiled
expectantly hoping
that today be the day
he would colour again
she stepped forward and lay
a hand encouraging
‘just try’
He blinked and looked away
eyes gazing a distance away
and with shaking hand
pulled the paint trolley
‘Can you make some tea?’
She smiled joyously
‘Yep, definitely’
he waited till she left
to grab a tube of paint
staring at it with broken dreams
he turned the tube over and read
a small laugh escaping
he took some paint upon his brush
and laid a stroke carelessly
could he see the aqua in the aquamarine?
No – it was no more than another shade
another dream fled from him
he turned and saw her returning
and went ahead and pretended
his vision was whole again
an artist who could see
the colour on his brush tip.