I’m on Twitter – if that’s a good thing!

Hey hey, just an ultra quick update. I am now on twitter: https://twitter.com/evacharya

I don’t know what you will do with that information, but I’m posting it anyway ๐Ÿ™‚



(Here is hoping that I can figure outย this new extension of the cyber world.)


97 thoughts on “I’m on Twitter – if that’s a good thing!

Add yours

      1. Tweet your links to your target audience that reads #poetry, #philippines or whatever else your subject is.

        Promote your movie you directed. Stuff like that.

        It should drive traffic to your blog.


  1. What works better though is finding the appropriate #Hashtag, like #Poetry for your poems and your articles and poems will be easier for people to find who share common interests. The autoshare isn’t ideal for that, as it doesn’t target your potential audience.


      1. I would like to advise you that after an improv education I am prone to work a little bluer on Twitter than on this blog. Not obscene, but some poeple might be offended. I think they should just get over it, but whatever.;)


      2. Some on Twitter certainly do. Don’t do what I do, and you will be ok.

        Someone called us odd, and we asked what was odd about exposing racism, and told him I thought he was odd, and we ended up suspended.

        So, we roll on in another direction for a bit. Don’t narc us Eva.;)


  2. We just tweeted to you, and to the #hashtags that people follow. So now people that follow #Poetry #Movies #Success and #SuccessDefined have been advised of your being on Twitter.


      1. One of, yes. There’s 18 of us. But not all tweet or post, actually. Most just want City Data Forum to not be racist or homophobic as a forum.

        And we goof around on Twitter and say hi to all kinds of people.


      2. Lots of people do. Check my follower list. Lots don’t.

        I spoke to Kato Kaelin after he retweeted a joke.. He’s not a fan of our KaDoh! Institute though, even though Mr. Bill with Kato’s hair is the smart one, we think.

        Truthfully it’s mostly non-Americans that say hi back though, if they think they are stars or something, and wonder who on earth I am, haha.

        I followed Andy after a friend put me on a list, and he followed back, so I talk to him some, haha. He’s regular peeps. Cool.

        Gave me a free linky to his movie which I can’t share after I did my funny review on it, haha.


      3. I guess.;) He favorited my stuff first. LoL. So I said hello, then thought up the KaDoh! Institute to make fun of nutjobs.


      4. I didn’t get a clear answer back. Some people don’t like @’s I;m told. Others told me I was rude to ask him to respond to his constituents on twitter. LoL.

        We think politicians should be responsive to their constituents, and if they use twitter as a means of communication, it should be 2 ways. Not just their feed out, and no response. We like answerable politicos.


      5. Yeah,

        Anyway, just introd you to Andy. He’s a nice dude, in England.

        Most everyone else that are Authors, you probably recognize from here on WP. We just follow whoever follows us here, and if they have a twitter, we follow that, hehe. And see where it leads to. 6 degrees style. lol.


      6. Most are just regular people I’ve met.

        A whole lot are Social media gurus that must have followed me cause they follow everyone…

        So I talk to them also, to see if they are a bot or a real person.


      7. Yeah, obviously us Tweeting to #trending was a great boon for you, haha. We have soooo much influence here on the Krew.


      8. You could whip off your mask and say, “I’m Batman.” or something. We would do that, maybe.;)

        Course we are kinda anonymous, haha.


      9. Lol. Your Krew is more anonymous than I with a mask, seeing how my images are available on the net if you looked me up. Though I still haven’t figured out how I’ll get me and my mask on my own imdb page.


      10. Just made our IMDB, it’s pretty easy to get your pic in there, haha.

        Now to write some reviews maybe.;)

        My review of Andy’s film is pretty good, I think.


      11. Oh, lol. Thought you meant you had an underground copy of Be Good Johnny where they sang it different. Was gonna be jealous, haha.


      12. Yeah. I work from home and as long as the works done, I can do it whenever. So I can screw around when I want to, lol.


      13. Whoops, thought the girl saw a Phoenix in the closet with the treasure. I suppose I should re-read it, haha.

        It’s also the name of one of the books Hp & The Order of the Phoenix. The good guys, hehe.


      14. LoL. That’s just the picture of a Phoenix that was in my mind. I could have pictured a Phoenix from Dungeons and Dragons cause I’m a former D&D geek, or from Greek Mythology I guess. Didn’t think you stole the idea, hehe.

        Have to credit some ancient dead Greek I guess, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      15. Yep. I noticed I’m 3 views from a personal best, so I stayed up, haha.

        I even lived in Phoenix, AZ as a kid, had lots of Phoenixs to choose from, haha.


      16. Whoops, thought the girl saw a Phoenix in the closet with the treasure. I suppose I should re-read it, haha.

        It’s also the name of one of the books Hp & The Order of the Phoenix. The good guys, hehe.


      17. Yeha, no nakey pics though right? One of my tweeps has nakies, but I’m not sure if that’s here, but.. lol.

        Don’t tell her I might have seen her boobs. Guess I could show her mine and we’d be even.


      1. That’s cool. He’s pretty real. So yeah.

        Although it would of been hilarious to say, :”hey babe, have your people call mine.” LoL.


  3. Yeah. This is a funny conversation on your blog here. I just answered from the bubble up by new post. Had no idea how it looked on your blog. The threaded convo is kinda wild. lol.

    I guess I will go to bed now, it’s about 11 PM here again, lol.

    I don’t mind if you delete all this, it’s kinda funny on your blog to have a personal conversation, hehe.

    I don’t know why that one post up above double posted either, about the Order of the Phoenix, lol.

    Nice talking to ya. Goodnight.


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