Routine Life

You wake ever at the same time
Walk a memorized number of steps
Open the door
Your hand traces the wall traced before
Flicking the light on
You stare dead straight at the stretched corridor
Beeline to the kitchen, the kettle
You stare at the digital clock on the microwave
Satisfied you have neither delayed nor rushed
You wait for the neighbors dog to bark as another regular bikes past
And reach for the canister of tea
This is how your day goes
Minute by minute routined and structured
You wake at the same time
Breakfast when the dog barks at exactly 5:37am
And then the rest of your day goes by much the same
Always timed and ever the same
You work 9 to exactly 5
Home by 5:55
Dinner by 6:30
Clean up before 7
An hour of tv
Then an exact half hour jog on your treadmill
You hit the the shower and bed by 9
Read a book for a whole fifteen minutes till the alarm
And like a good solider you turn the light out

Ever think what you will do if one day
The dog never barks
The bike rider never rides
Your alarm dies
Your milk turns sour
Or for once you can’t be bothered
To get out of bed
‘Cause you’ve finally realized
At a very mature age
That you are all alone
From your 5:30am wake up
Till your 9:15pm slumber
That under the covers you have no warmth to share
No one to bear a smile
And say ‘Goodnight dear’.

You wake ever at the same time,
what will you do?


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