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She scurried around the room
riffling through outfits
this had to be perfect
the first date
if only as a last choice
for an event he had forgotten – his sister’s rehearsal dinner.
How many times had she spent
watching from a far
his many a lady friends
and wondered what it would be like
to sit across him
and share a meal that way.
She rushed around
fussing over every detail
even the shade of lipstick and the style of hair
tonight was it
a make or break to impress
the one she had loved for too many years
living next door.
Yet the number of times she had shared
a late night beer was to advise him on how to pick up another
someone he fancied and she was the Cupid in despair.
She stopped a moment across from the mirror
and there, briefly like a flashing ghost
stood a bride gloriously
sending a shiver down her spine.
This was a wish
if only in her spare time and daydream.
The impertinent phone rang again and again
she fluttered about ignoring it till the evening crawled over.
She pinned the stray strand and stood satisfied.
She looked beautiful, there was no way he could deny.
She grabbed her purse and her keys
only to hear her mobile ring.
‘Hello’ she chirped happily.
‘Kate, where the hell have you been?’
‘I was getting ready,’ she answered carefully
There was a pause, ‘About that. Listen, I’m really sorry but, Sienna, is in town.’
Kate stood still as a statue.
‘I’m sorry, Kate. That’s why I was calling. I have a date.’
‘Oh,’ was all she could say.
‘So I’ll see you there in a bit then. Bring someone along.’
The phone went dead
and so died her dream.
She spied her reflection on the glass
and felt the ghostly bride laugh menacing.

‘Bring someone along,’ his voice rang.

She walked back into her darkened room
and sank into bed
and there she remained.