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I just wrote this. I was aiming to write a scene where children use so much imagination in their play, but somewhere down the line it turned into a bizarre little look into my fantasy series I’m slowly penning at the present moment. It depicts a scene from book one. Any thoughts are appreciated. Please bear in mind I haven’t edited this yet. Just was eager to share.

Playing Hide and Seek
One, two, three…
The counting began
and they scurried
running, sliding, screaming and squealing
in search of a nook, corner, cupboard or furniture
to hide their little bodies
then one day
the littlest one, Phoenix, found a strange room
beyond the mysterious door that opened
in her mother’s ordinary room
a golden lit grand stairs leading
deep into a cavernous cave
carved and decorated
and amongst the odd treasure
lay piles of gold sovereigns
odd pieces of furniture
and portraits of people
and Phoenix the bird
she wandered around further
with each step another oil lamp flicked on
What was this place, she wondered
where things turned on by itself
voices whispered at her passing
and a strange voice further beyond
Was there someone else here?
Maybe Cillian or Dean have already found this place?
She picked up speed and walked further in
behind her the door to the room disappearing
she stumbled upon a table and took a fall
only to look up and see a feathered quill turning
she rose slowly, enchanted
her eyes falling upon
the mysterious words till she spied her name.
What was this place?
She reached out to flip a page
then someone called her name.
‘Phoenix, are you in here?’ Called Cillian
‘Is she here?’ Dean asked
There was silence for a while.
‘Go on, you boys wash up for dinner,’ she heard her mother.
A moment later, the room was shrinking and fell into darkness
the door above opened and let some light in,
‘Phoenix,’ her mother appeared on the stairs
‘What are you doing in the panic room?’
Phoenix shrugged
disappointed that the treasure had disappeared.
‘Nothing,’ and she went back up again.