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Words are power! It can make a mountain out of mole hill, a storm out of a drizzle, an ocean out of a pond, a monster out of little critters, beauty rise amongst rubble, love emerge through loss or gentlemen out of beasts.

Words can make you smile, laugh aloud or roll around the floor in stitches; they can make you sniffle, or hide your tears sly with a swipe, or outright bawl your eyes out; they can hurt to read, make you passionate about a cause; they can make you hope and feel joy. Words aren’t simply symbols on paper strewn together, they represent our world through our human eyes, experience, language, customs, tradition, and general being.

Words paint pictures, make custom movies in your head; they can give voice to those who need it, tell stories, reveal secrets, string a sweet song, or make you fall in love.

Words narrate stories, communicate feelings and emotions; words may lead to dreams, or dreams may lead to words. Words bind people in marriage, welcome newborns, ferry a child through life, give support to others, family and friends. It can be used to break hearts, settle dispute, or ask someone on a date that could lead to more.

In simple: words are necessity part of life. They are powerful, wise, kind, caring, loving, diplomatic, enraging, frustrating, joyful, beautiful etc.

Words are much more than we give credence to. Words are powerful.