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She ignored the few calls that came
then even they stopped
and suddenly the room grew colder, harsher
she let the tears take over
soiling her sheets in black smears of pined dreams
of an unrequited love.
She had hoped
and perhaps wished
that a knock on her door to fetch
would be his.
Alas the knock never came
and she drifted.

In the morrow Sunlight charmed its way in
Kate refused to indulge it
what was the point
it could not heal the hurt she had seen.
A week or so,
she lay in wait
all his calls, she would not take
or fake a break.
‘You have got to get out and get some air, Kate,’ her roommate peered
and she rolled over deeper within.
‘You need change. Come out with us, Kate!’
and instead, she opted for the couch and flicks
all romances that caused her grief and sleep.

Then one morning she overheard
‘She needs to get away from all this,
just pick up shit and move away from him.’
‘And what will that do?’ the boyfriend speaks.
‘Give her distance and time to heal,
and maybe even find someone worth it.’
With a new found zeal and fierceness
Kate spent a day pondering and pondering
and clicked several ‘Send’.

Then one day, a call came
and poor old Kate knew not what it meant
but by and by she answered questions
and before she knew it
she was offered
a chance to change
the ceiling above her bed
the scene outside her window
and away from his scent
and memory seeped streets of Melbourne city.

‘Will you take that job in Sydney?’
Kate shrugged her shoulders and said,
‘I don’t see why not, all my family are there.’