I make a Wish

All I can ever say as an introduction to this piece would be: lol. Regardless of what it is, I had great fun scribbling this down! Enjoy.

Were I to wish
a wishiest wish if ever I could make
then my dear
the dearest dear if ever I have met
I would wish
that the first hello you hear
would be from me amongst the sea
if ever the biggest sea I have ever swam in
and though you may find it an ease
to utter a hello back to me with a flutter
I pray my dear
the pleadiest pray if ever I have pled
that hard be it for you to say the word goodbye
My dearest dear, the loveliest dear
I wish now as I have ever wished before with my ever pore
that there never be a moment of ‘fare thee’ on your lips
if ever such a moment could never ever be.


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