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Kate stumbled out of the taxi
to gaze upon the facade
of her old childhood home and sighed
she had done it
broken a toxic tie
taken that leap
now all that was left was to forget
forget whom and why she had loved
so foolishly, so selfless
now it was a new dawn, time for a new Kate.
She stepped up and rang the bell.

‘Take me out,’ she said, to the chiseled goddess
and the angelic face of her baby sister lit up
and she jumped and squealed.
Was she ready to hit the circuit
to take a chance and enjoy attention
if any come her way? Why not?
she thus pampered herself for a day
and saw the evening is new dazzle
new possibilities.
She left.

… A week later
He skipped the old worn pathway
grinning like an idiot and upon the doorway.
‘Kate, open up’ he said.
A moment, then another went
and he knocked on the door again, ‘Kate’
‘What?’ a disgruntled woman said
throwing the door open and glaring
Matthew slipped past with ease
‘Still in bed?’
‘What’s it to you?’
He shrugged and headed straight for Kate’s room
and there on the open doorway he stood
mouth agape, eyes fixed upon boxes and furniture bare
‘What the hell is going on here?’ He turned,
‘Where is Kate?’

The friend in her pjs grinned from ear to ear,
‘She left’
Still grinning, ‘Why do you care?’
Matthew narrowed his eyes and regarded the woman
‘Where is she?’ he demanded.
‘She moved, can’t you see?’
‘As if you care,’ she muttered and turned away,
‘You want to know, you found out yourself.
Close the door on your way out. I’m going back to bed.’

Mathew glared at the empty space
and fumed, striding out defiantly.
He slammed the door behind him,
running back to the car awaiting.

‘Did you get a chance to ask her?’ Sienna said.
He slipped in, and sat there fuming,
‘She wasn’t home’
and before Sienna could speak, fire another question
he pulled out his phone and placed a call.

Ring, ring
‘Do you need to get that?’ sister asked
as Kate stared at the screen wide eyed and nervous,
she shook her head and cut the signal,
silenced her phone and slipped it away.
‘So are you going out with that guy from last week?’
Kate smiled and bit her lip,
‘He asked and I said yes.’
‘He was cute!’
‘Yes he was!’
Kate smiled, her tummy tumbling wild
with butterflies.