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In the morning, dark and gloomy
Kate slid out, her feet touching cold wood
she marched on heavy feet to the kitchen to the swirling coffee
she needed one, all the calls had made sure she did not sleep.
With a cup full of caffeine and a head full of dreams
she washed down her palette and pleaded with self
that when she finally called ‘him’ back
she would not flake, would not take
all the crap, all the fickle words he’d give her
hoping she’d bait. Like good ol’ times her heart lay
in million shattered pieces.
She’d had enough of sweeping herself back into shape,
no more, not this time,
this time she was determined
determined not to fall like a fool
swooning at his voice.

She fetched her phone
29 miss calls, and several voice mails
frantic and desperate.
Why? Why after all this time?
She dialed.

‘Kate!’ came the voice
half angry, half glad – breathing
‘Where have you been? I’ve called and called’
Kate smiled small,
‘I was busy’
Her brows rose, ‘With?’
there he was, the baiting had started
but she would ‘t bite, not this time.
‘Let’s see why I was busy, shall we,
now that you’ve finally had a chance to think about me?
Well,’ she breathed, ‘I’ve moved away from you for starters,
I’ve got myself a new job, back with my family, and enjoying dating again for once.’

‘You’re seeing someone?’

Kate sighed, of all the things, that’s what he chose to hear.
‘Yes, a wonderful guy named Sean, the other day,
and tonight, who knows, I’m going out again.’

‘Sean? Who is he?’

‘No one you know, thankfully!’ her voice rose angrily
was this all? This is what he wanted to focus on?
‘What do you want, Matthew?’

‘You’ve changed,’ he muttered,
‘It’s been awhile since I saw you,
so I called to ask if we could meet. Why are you being like this?’

‘Well, we can’t meet. Not unless you want to fly all the way to Sydney.’
‘Oh, you moved back home?’
‘For now? Maybe I’ll move in with Sean soon, who knows,’ she jabbed.
‘You’re angry with me,’ it dawned on him.
‘No,’ she sighed, ‘not angry, Matt, just sick of waiting for you.
I’m done waiting for you!’

‘Who are you talking to?’ Siena’s voice floated through, tinged and annoyed.
‘You’re ringing her again, aren’t you?’
Kate breathed, tears stinging her eyes,
this was goodbye after all.
‘I’ll let you go now. Bye Matt. Have a wonderful life,’
and before he could protest she ended the call.