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With such desperate luck
I hung on
to one tiny fact
she could not and would not escape me
not a second time,
so I crossed the road and told Jo
‘Keep bringing the darn coffee’
I would wait to see her little head
then I would pounce
the tiger in me proud
at falling my prey
and what a prey would she make.

I dared not look at the clock
for fear of seeing how foolish I was being
so I sat there drinking and dreaming
practicing lines to woo and swoon her
straight of her heeled feet
and when she did reemerge
from the limestones building
I pranced ever Kingly
gaze riveted upon her form.
‘Remember me,’ I slipped in behind her
into the car at the ready.
‘Get out!’ She cried most offended and angry
and more huffs and puffs were thrown behind me,
‘What the hell are you doing?’ she narrowed her eyes.
‘Asking you out?’ I smiled – grinning, actually.
Her brows rose questioningly,
‘This is how you ask a girl out?’
I grinned wider, ‘I don’t usually do the asking out, babe.’
She laughed shortly, ‘I can see why!’
and I thought finally!
‘You are absolutely horrible at it,’ she proclaimed loudly.
I could feel a burn under my collar,
it was getting hot in there,
so I simply said, as the cries grew louder outside,
‘Say yes and I’ll leave,’ and made myself comfortable to say the least.

You want to know what she said to this?