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I have recently spent hours pouring over very boring words (I can’t believe I just said words were boring)…Let me rephrase. I have been attempting to read a textbook for a Uni assignment and the book is written rather lack-lustre. Suffice it to say that I have been struggling to finish it.

Then I came across this little cartoon/comic within the pages and had to laugh.

You know what, I wouldn’t mind a career change to be a lottery winner! Who else here wants that?

SO…this has led me to (procrastinate) do a quick questionnaire: What were some of the careers you as a child wanted, or growing up dreamed of being, but now, as an adult, realise how foolish it was?

When I was a young girl there used to be an architecture student in the flat below. She used to build little model homes for assignments, and I was very interested at that time in drawing and decided that I too wanted to be an architect – cause they get to draw and build shit! I was all for drawing and building.

My bubble was burst a few years later when I realised it involved a whole lot of mathematics which I was devastatingly bad at.

What was your career of choice growing up, and why? And why do you feel silly about it now?