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When I was studying my degree in UNSW in the medical science field, as part of first year we were offered opportunity to study any sector of medicine/health/biology we chose – obviously to get us to choose our preference for major etc. While almost all my friends chose to tackle psychology, I chose, FILM! That’s right, I was the odd one out, doing a major job of diagnostic/pathological Major with a dose of film sprinkled around.

I could have chosen other fields I suppose, such as psychology, but I didn’t. Why? Did I just simply want to stand out amongst my crowd? No! Not at all. I was actually secretly wanting to work in the media/film section when I ‘grew up’. Another reason was that I simply was avoiding picking psychology because I didn’t want to subject myself to self-diagnosis of the mind.

I’m sure you can all assume why?! I’m an entertainer in disguise, which means slight instability of the mind is bound to be present – it is our creative centre! (At least that’s the stance I was taking anyway.) And I refused to dissect my core.

But here is the irony of it all. In the new novel I’m penning, my main gal is a psychologist! Hmm, kind of wish I had taken at least one or two doses of that subject when I had the chance.

I wouldn’t have had to resort to becoming a ‘dummy’. Lets hope I learn something!