Lets not lose hope yet, my dear
the candle burns yet
flickering ever so slightly
dispelling the dark just enough
for us to see
each other, holding fast
and though we may yet be surrounded by dark
deeper and colder than the glow we are in
never you fear
of the wolves that hound
there eyes aglow
just beyond the light’s reach
as the candle burns ever fast
just know you are safe with me
in this pool of light
the smallest of sunshine beneath the horrid canopy

… think not my dear, of what will be
beyond the last dying flicker
perhaps the magic will last
just enough for the Sun to see us

…think not my dear, of what will be
watch the candle
leave me the worry
just close your eyes and dream.

(On this third and second last free promotion day on Amazon for In Strange Company, these were the thoughts and feelings running through me. So now I bid you all a goodnight/good day. Perhaps the morning will hold a surprise for me.) šŸ™‚


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