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I think the title says it all to be honest, and I’m tempted to leave this post at that level of rawness and lacking in definition. But that’s a big thing to do as a writer, leave something unexplained, however mundane it may be.


(Like a fly on the wall kind of thing…things just feel like they are a bit stuck at the moment.)

I’ve kind of struggled the last couple of weeks in regards to my writing direction and blog etc. You see, I have no idea if what I am posting/writing is effective at all in the grand scheme of things. I mean, compared to seeing your friends and family, enjoying a lazy stroll in the sun, of even a veg-out session on the couch may be more tempting than…

What do I write about? I used to say that I was more a novel writer, which, don’t get me wrong, I still do…but, it’s been quite some months since I’ve even picked up the drafts, or the unfinished chapters to continue down that path and write more books than I know what to do with them. I think this has to do with me trying so hard and holding my breath to see how my first timid step into the publishing world would go. IN fact, that is the very reason I’ve been so wound up and unable to write more than a poem a day (or sometimes few of them a day, I won’t lie). I’d really like to get back to my novels soon…especially to Ellenor Grace in the Rule of Thirds, and her bizarre fight to remain a widow (Why on Earth would she want to do that when a strapping man enters her life?! – Crazy woman!). Any way, the point is, she has been waiting for me to put on my surgical gear on and rip into it, nipping and tucking till she is all gleaming despite the pain of an overhaul.


(My work board with all the little post-it notes on the surgery planned.)

Despite staring at my own feet in all the confusion and overwhelming sense of things moving at a snail’s pace, I am making a promise to my self, and to some degree, to any one who would love to continue reading my works and supporting that way – that I will finish Ellenor’s world before the year is out. I don’t have much time, do I? Better hop to it!

AIM: Release Rule of Thirds in time for Christmas, so all you lovers of romance can snuggle up with a heart-warming story of a young widow’s struggle with personal demons in the holiday season, or who knows, even gift it to some lover of Romance.


As I sit here in my sun-drenched writing corner (however small it maybe) that by end of year, I’ll do justice to Mrs Medina, who unwittingly inspired me to write a story around the events in her life.

I’m just trying to find my roots again – the feeling is very odd to know that I cannot turn around and walk away (simply incapable of it), and I know not the way forward. All you and I can do, is perceiver in the hope that one day we can stand tall and say ‘I do not regret trying at all!”

In the next few weeks or so, I will be sharing with you the first part of the story, and hope you will enjoy Ellenor’s story as much as I loved writing it.

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