Busy as a beehive!

Busy as a beehive might be an understatement! Holy moly. I was just trying to make my blog a little easier to navigate, ’cause you know, I don’t want people disappearing through a rabbit hole. So, I gave myself the tedious task of making a separate page for all the poems I’ve published on the blog so far.

To do this, I sat there and flicked through all the pages of all the post and combed out the poetry. There were a whooping 90+ in here!

WTF! In all seriousness, when did I manage to amount such a Herculean pile of poetry in less than 3weeks? I? Me? Eva? A girl who sits there with an aim of writing a ‘short’ and always ends up surprising herself with the fact that, after 30 odd pages and having barely scratched the surface, it does not qualify as a short. That I can try and try but will never master shorts.

As for poetry?! Forget it – it was a lost cause and I knew not much about styles and what not – which till date I’m not entirely sure I understand. In all the years I’ve been writing, I only had a motley collection of 20 or so and now look at this. How does one go from struggling to write poetry all her life, to assaulting your all with a bombardment of it?

Just look at it. It took me almost 2 hours to locate and link every single one of them in the new ‘Poetry Hub’ page – and I bet I have still forgotten some in the mired maze… :s

If you do find any stray poetry child about, do let me know and I shall try and find a home for it.


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