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My dear, look at me and tell me
what it is that you see?
Do you see me as someone
living life with freedom?
Or do you see the colour of my skin
and the features of my face?
Do you see me for someone
who earns their own?
Or do you judge me inferior
than your righteous self?
Am I not human, breathing the same air
with the same red desire running through my veins?
Then why the need
to judge me any different?
I am human
that should be reason enough.
Reason enough for respect
it is a give and take world after all.

I am human
that is all.

(Dedicated to victims of discrimination and belittling. You deserve more than negativity from ignorance. Stand tall and keep being who you are. In fact, celebrate who you are. No one has the right to make you feel anything other than beautiful.)