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On a severely windy day, with the howling wind outside the window and the constant thrashing of curtains, what does one think about? Doubts! Yep doubts.

Actually, not really, I just thought that was an interesting way to open a post. The actual inspiration came in the form of Delia Strange, of The Strange Writer blog this morning. She wrote a candid account of the ‘Monster’ that is doubt, something that plagues all writers, and artists alike I guess.

I’m sure we have all heard how doubt ‘kill’s dreams, but I’d like to add that it actually kills creativity. You’re not sure where I’m going with this? Well, think about it, if you doubt you can ever become a writer, then your weakness, your questioning of your ability, and at it’s very core, your questioning of your actual desire to be a writer – all of these combined are sure to kill that aspect of your mind that creates. With all this turmoil within, creativity surely cannot flourish!

Let go of the doubt. You want to write? Write! There is no better day for it than today, this very moment, unless you are otherwise occupied, or your hands are literally tied – and even then you can hold a pen. But seriously. Until we chuck that doubt out the door with a kick upon it’s behind, we will never finish a work to our satisfaction. We will never be any closer to our dreams. In fact, given the time, we will chalk it up to being a silly little dream and scoop it up onto some dusty top shelf of our minds, where it gathers dust, cobwebs, and a cosy family of little mice. My point is, if you dare to dream, there is no place in your life and mind for doubt to reside.

You know what doubt can do. It can weaken our resolve, our drive, and eventually our desire for anything that captures our heart and mind.

I’ve tried, to kick doubt out and to lunge forward into attempts that can lead to fulfilling a dream one day. But I also know how hard it is to throw doubt away, since its been a kind blanket under which we hide because we haven’t the guts to go out there and fight for what we want. And in some extreme case, some of us hide under the blanket with a bittersweet taste in our mouths because we begin to think ‘But what if this works?’

Leave ‘What if’ at the crossroads. It has no room in your luggage. In your journey to go for gold and live your dream.

I quite like what a fellow blogger, Stephanie Haggarty, said in one of her post. That as writers, we are ideas collector, we take snippets from here and there, from people we meet along the way, from the things we love, to the things that move us, that makes us think of being better, for trying harder. So, divorce Doubt with a stone heart. You can’t lose what you don’t have yet, but if you don’t try, you will always regret. Instead, pack you bags in this journey of discovery and creativity and ‘collect’ only the things that moves you.

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