Lil Sil and the Light-gathering.

In the humming twilight
Sil, the littlest of them gloated,
fluttering her little translucent wings about
as the family gathered in the clearing
beyond their home within the roots of plants
feasting on nectar from spring flowers
dousing their thirst with the plant sap.
‘So, little Sil’s big night tonight, huh?’ Uncle Gruff chimed
and they called him thus for in a war he had messed up his wings,
poor thing.
Sil grinned, ‘At midnight the hunt begins!’
Uncle Gruff smiled, biting down on a mighty grape
the juice coloured his pale skin purple, ‘Show me your archery skills’ he dared.
Sil gushed and with a rush dashed
only to be back with her glittering bow and a quiver full of arrows.
She pulled one out, and Gruff tossed the half-bitten grape into the air,
with a swish of whooshing air, the arrow pierced the belly of the fruit, pinning it to the vine.
A cheer and applause rang out, and all drank merry and loud,
’twas a big night – another Fairy Light.
An hour before midnight, in the tired hush of crowds,
all bid Sil farewell till daylight.
‘Hope you earn your Light, lil Sil,’ rose the chorus aloud.
Then when all the Fairies retired, Sil trekked ahead,
to the fountain of youth that bubbled up ahead.
She tugged at her bow, and she fretted over her arrows,
and wondered all the way there of what would be asked.
She could hear the hustle, and the bustle
perhaps the gathering was big, neighbouring Fairies from neighbouring roots
had all come to win their Light.
‘Right. Gather all you young ones, gather around,’ said an old frail frown
‘You shall be asked to deliver a flask,
a flake full of dust of Fairy fine. Hope you’ve all practiced so far.’
All the heads nodded in delight for there was no hunting tonight,
but Sil held her breath, she was weak in potion and spells!
‘You all have to gather your ingredients and deliver the dust before the Sun comes up.’
Sil swallowed her pride, why hadn’t she practiced dusting?!

With a slouch Sil wandered around and upon a root strange sat down
she was sure to fail the task declared!
What were the ingredients, pray?
So for a while yet, Sil sat there deep in thoughts,
till names started popping in her head, then doubt.
‘Are you sure these are what you need?’
Sil shook her head, but she was not walking away.
Thus hoisting her bow she trudged, picking things from the ground.
‘A twist of wholesome green,
A pinch of fertile brown,
a gulp of air,
a dash of rainbow rain
and a part of life
shall all combine,
and with power of night divine.’
Was that it, she wondered,
picking a young leaf, grabbing a fist full of dirt,
sprinting to the fountain with the silent cherub
scooped a vial full of surface,’
then she fumbled, how would she put in life?
This was the part they had never revealed.
As the darkness slowly lessened,
Sil hurried but could not find
so in haste she plucked a golden hair from her crown
and into the cauldron placed.
All around her, Fairies fluttered, nervous eyes on the horizon.
Then something went bang,
and lil Sil stood there doused in soot and smoke.
She had failed ever so badly!
Making Fairy dust was no easy feat!

‘Sil!’ Came the call out.


(This is done for the Mythology Workshop #2 prompt for the 13th Floor Paradigm blog. The prompt was to choose a mythological creature and write the story where they are making something and we need to include recipe. I think I haven’t done this well and absolutely think it shouldn’t qualify. But I enjoyed the task anyway.)

If you like it, let me know please…such an experimental piece done while I’m sleep deprived. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Lil Sil and the Light-gathering.

Add yours

  1. Very nice poem. I am reminded of my time gaming and hunting fairies, haha.

    All very good except the negative commentary at the end. It’s the best fairy poem ever that I have read. So I disagree with the author.


  2. Wonderfull poem/story, like I already think I told you 🙂
    I really loved the way you penned it down, it most certanly looks and feels like mythological and fairytale like – which is in a further bond with the myth. creature you chose aka the Fairy. I loved how you included the scenery and the character movements and living as well as their thought process or speaking – it fits in smoothly and is not to burdening. It further implies and dares to reader to be immersed – for I have personaly for example read different characters lines in different voice, which made the whole thing very fun to engage in.
    I also liked how the rhyme is not strict, it feels as tho it is there to give a magical spark to the flow of the writing and I liked that because I think the effect was achieved.
    While reading I was not expecting the ending! I was thinking :”YES, this is it, Sil did it!” then poof! It is always nice to grab the attention of the reader that much and lul them safely in then completely surprise them and dismantle them.
    I really enjoyed reading this, you should most definitely erase that part on the bottom where we are supposed to pretend it is not good 😛


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