Vacant eyes search, search for that desire,
search for that cauldron, cauldron filled with sweet-bitter fire;
search, my foolish curiosity.

Sound that alarm; that shrill alarm,
warn those who wonder near such danger.
Catch that culprit; catch him in mid-flight,
‘cause mind you I’m sinking; sinking into the night.
A whiff of air brings news of scare,
that a thief has settled; settled in here.
No more vacant are these eyes, heeding such warnings;
but mind you I’m searching; searching for a stare.

Whispers and murmurs flutter here and there
curious minds settle my way, and I hear,
‘Oh her foolish plight, she has led him here’.
Mind, my biggest enemy, it switches these curiosities;
and now I hear, ‘Mind you has he fallen for me?’

Sometimes I laugh,
laugh aloud at my foolish curiosity.


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