Heart of stone, did it just
Short breaths, and a

Could it be?
This heart of stone,
Fluttered, shudder, now
Gently it flickers…

Sensation –the knotting estranged
The very core ripples, a
Cascade of joyous screams echoes
Within the pulsing

Reeled by gossamers of past
A lifetime ago – cast
With pebbled tears
It splashed

A warm day dawns bearing
Surprise, with stealth –diffusion
And again, life, it
Breaths, and
Flutters, and

Love, long since it’s
Been.  My heart melts
The hard stone it’s been…

And –there it is, that
Feeling, that

Dawn, a new beginning
For love…
And healing

The long forgotten heart,
Is beating!


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