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I walk a mile along the shore
sand sliding between my toes,
there are people about
jumping up and down
diving in cool waters
or baking beneath the summer Sun
I nod or smile and walk on by
clad in all my drab
I get some smiles or the odd looks back
won’t blame the strangers or their thinking I’m mad
to cover from neck down
I walk some more and find a secluded patch
and plant myself upon my back
I shall wait as long as it takes
to taste the salty seas and feel the waves
– but not while the beach is crowded even with one other soul
So patient I become till the gentle Moon comes
and one by one I’m left all alone,
and there in the twilight, though colder it may be
I shed my cover and reveal my scared body
and with much glee I run down to the surf
and indulge in a night-time glory
and for few minutes not worry
about the world seeing me the way I don’t want to be seen.
For a moment, I am alone – with the world at my feet despite all my scared glory.